What Is Entrepreneurship In Simple Words?

types of entrepreneurship

Remember how I told you that I’m going to write not only about finances and the stock market but also about entrepreneurship? And I’m not talking only about having your own business. I believe that people don’t have to have any company to be entrepreneurs.

They might do some interesting internship or have a full-time job in a place that can surprise on the upside or disappoint every day. They can also focus on housekeeping and babysitting, charity or academic career and still be an entrepreneur. It all depends on what does this word means to them.

What exactly is entrepreneurship?

It will be much easier if I search for the Merriam-Webster dictionary. For example, words like “entrepreneur” and “entrepreneurship” lead us to:


a project or activity that involves many people and is often difficult; a business organization; the ability or desire to do dangerous or difficult things or solve problems in new ways.”

I always thought that this was quite clear, but unfortunately, I convinced myself that I was wrong a few times. It would help if you tried to engage in discussions about being an entrepreneur. Sometimes it was funny and sometimes scary. Yeah, it’s not like that everywhere, but still. Some people just don’t get it (I’ll tell you about some of the cases other times). One way or another – entrepreneurship is something much more than building the business.

So what does it mean for me?

In my view, it’s mainly taking the initiative. Creating a new project, social work, helping the needy, improving yourself and your skills with courses and pieces of training, raising kids, and starting your own business. Speaking shortly – doing everything that makes a difference. I that case, only one thing is really important. All of those goals should have any value. But it would help if you decided for yourself what’s value for you.

Engagement is the key because getting started it’s just not enough. Who can successfully finish not every project and sometimes some things don’t work as we want to. Many of my ideas ended much more differently than I thought initially. Sometimes I discovered that my creations weren’t good or right for me.

I paid so much attention to something and then realized that a few months ago, I was wrong. It sucks, but bad things happen. But it would be even worse if I never tried to do my best. It just makes no sense if you do something without engagement.

Time management skills are very useful. I’m a bit jealous when others can do it perfectly. It’s such amazing quality. Interestingly, the more tasks I have to do, the better their organization is. Unfortunately, I’m still not that great as I want to be. Sometimes it’s hard for me to set the schedule reasonably, so I won’t have to go back to them the next day.

Good organization and prioritization of individual tasks allow you to close the topic within the prescribed time. I can’t imagine any entrepreneur who always has some problems dealing with his duties. Naturally, even the bests make some mistakes but only rarely.

Another thing is motivation. Many dreams are only dreams without them. I’m guessing that the most popular motivation is to get high earnings. I see nothing wrong with that. If money and what you can do with them are really important to you (I’m not even talking about family, health, and other matters), that’s fine.

All you have to do is find a good enough reason why it’s worth trying – prestige, personal development, safety, independence, popularity. Each enterprise must have any reason and purpose.

Free time to have fun and relax is probably the most overlooked issue for entrepreneurship. A good organization requires finding some time not only for work but also for entertainment. I have never understood my friends who could only focus on their tasks from dawn to dusk. I think there’s no such person who would be able to convince me that work without any break can be efficient.

I believe that someone once researched the connection between productivity and free time. A good example of a proper approach to the rest is Google. As you probably know or not – it’s not only the world’s largest search engine but also one of the best places to work. The following video shows you New York Google office. I wish I could create such a place.

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