What is Emo Exactly?

What is emo for real and what does it mean when a person is an Emo? Is emo a lifestyle only?

What is emo?

Emo is a social type used to describe teen behavior markedly different from ordinary teens or sometimes pre-teens. Emos usually have their clique. They might tend to be anti-social. While some people believe that their behavior is a sign of bullying, research doesn’t support this.

Their avid interest in black attire is emblematic of the culture where vulnerability and victimization are often convertible. Since the Emo experience has its root in punk music, Emos tend to like an alternative or rock bands.

Furthermore, their self-image is portrayed by skinny jeans and short band-tas. Sadism as empathy is another quality of emos. Emos do not embrace religion as a credible way of living, given that they are to praise horror and all things Goth. Emos like things that would most probably scare most others.

On the up-side, a fondness for reading is also one of their well-known characteristics. Emo’s are usually quiet and introverted and what emo means is no longer an unfamiliar topic for most teenagers and parents with teenagers today.

What does it mean to be emo?

While emo is a relatively new term for most people, there is a growing culture of emo people in the world. The group of teens that use the label says that emo is short for emotional, but the term originally came from the Indie music style called Emotive Hardcore, a sub-genre of punk.

Emo currently has two different meanings. One is a label people use to describe a group. Emo can characterize emotionally insecure teenagers or adequately describe what emo people are. Some emos go to lengths to build a cult surrounded by the specter of death and decay. Researchers who have looked into this phenomenon ascertain that teenagers are less equipped to manage strong emotions.

A cult of suicide perpetrated by the worst of emo excesses could have real and horrible consequences. Part of the emo experience is to succeed with enabling feelings of entrapment. One often finds emo teens rooms suffocatingly dark as they have a yen for not opening the curtains.

This environment is mixed in with psychosis that includes self-pity, introspection, dramatization and mental imbalances due to hormonal changes. A matured emo will have all these characteristics and a wardrobe of T-shirts and dyed black or blonde hair.

The other definition of what emo stands for is far more pleasant. Musical innovation typifies their style of music. Emo bands originated in the mid-1980s hardcore punk movement of Washington, D.C… They were pioneered by bands such as Rites of Spring, Embrace and Thirty Seconds to Mars in Los Angeles, California. Musically, emos regard themselves as an excellent, young sub-set of the 80’s punk culture.

Theirs is a style of rock music characterized by melodic and expressive tones displayed in confessional songs and lyrics. The style became popularized by punk rock bands in America, and its meaning and sound changed to blend with pop-punk and indie music. By the 1990s, emo concerts flourished in the heartland of the United States, namely Midwestern and the Central United States.

Emo broke into mainstream culture in the early 2000s with the platinum-selling success of Jimmy Eat World and Dashboard Confessional. Emo artists have been compared to famous rock bands such as Pink Floyd, The Cure, Tool, and U2 because of their philosophical and spiritual lyrics, concept albums, and experimental music. Today, emo is famous all over the country, including California and New York.

What is an emo person?

Emo Girls

Emo people are classified in two different ways. Emo guys and Emo Girls. Emo guys are usually men that are into grunge/soft rock/depressing music. Some might come across as cross-dressers as emo guys are seen to favor wearing mascara. They are almost always dressed in black and have a penchant for chain-linked clothing.

Societal peers often classify them as just depressed people needing attention and help with their problems. Sadly, some of this attention has been obtained through wrist slashing and similar bodily injuries. However, emo kids will never be this extreme most of the time.

Emo girls are very similar to emo guys. An emo girl’s clothes are characterized by the latest fashion accessories such as jackets with pins. Emo girls are generally introverted and prefer not to look you in the eye. Their unusual hairstyle, which covers a large part of their faces, helps to make this fact even more evident.

Research has shown that an emo girl probably has dark hair that is short and spiky with long bangs in the front. Emo girls sport a blonde look, but their hairstyle is the same as the brunettes. Emo girls like to portray an aura of mystery and do so by wearing a lot of dark eyeliners that work well with their washed-up look.

Current research by experts on the psychology of emo conduct

Recent reports on social networking and suicidal behavior have affirmed the influence of media on suicide. In their article on The Representation of Self, Injury and Suicide on Emo Social, Networking Groups, Carla Zdanow and Bianca Wright blame social networking and the emo culture for romanticizing suicide and encouraging it online. They warn that dangerous and destructive conversations between teenagers could go unnoticed in these uncensored online communities.

Facebook has collected a significant part of the emo subculture on the Internet. Evidence now points towards a connection between teenage use of social media and the promotion of suicidal behavior.” Given this news, what are parents to do? Communication is key to a successful relationship. Parents should have regular conversations with their emo teens.

To successfully remodel uncontrolled emo behavior, Who will need improvement in specific areas. First, teens must articulate feelings. Knowing one’s emotions as they occur is a central element of emotional maturity.

As a concerned parent, inquire about their feelings. Use their answer to manage your teen emo’s emotions. Another essential skill that will help your child through life is keeping negative feelings in check. This will also help them become sensitive to others’ feelings. Help your son or daughter see that others also go through low periods but overcome them.

Do not panic if your child comes home emo!! Assess the situation by applying some of the above parental tips and giving yourself an even chance to win the battle. A tween daughter may simply be copying a current fashion style, while a teenage son might enjoy applying mascara or “guyliner” (eyeliner for guys)!

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