What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

Dreams can range from your favorite foods to your famous people. You can dream five to 10 dreams in a night and remember one or two, or you may need to practice remembering your dreams. Sometimes, you have the same dream over and over again for years. The meaning may be very clear to you or one which you are unable to interpret.

For help remembering your dreams, consider keeping a dream journal. Leave a notebook and a pen on your nightstand or under your pillow, and record your dreams as soon as you wake. You may want to consider purchasing a lighted pen so that you write down your goals in the middle of the night. It is not easy to read dreams written in a half-awake state. However, the more often you record your dreams and train your brain to remember the night visions, the more dreams you will remember and the more details you can recall.

Dream Meanings

Since humans began dreaming, humans asked the question, “What does my dream mean?” Multiple psychologists, including two of the most famous, Freud and Jung, provided their reasons for dreams. Freud’s theory was that dreams represent fulfilled wishes. He describes how he dreamt about drinking water when thirsty, only to wake up still needing a drink of water.

Freud clarifies that anxiety dreams are different and result from real phobias or unsatisfied longings.

A Jungian psychologist, Vocata George, PhD, explained in an interview with the Huffington Post that Jung’s psychological approach claims that dreams stem from the subconscious and that through dreams, your subconscious is trying to teach you something about yourself.

The Meaning of Dreams

Dream interpretation can mean many things to many people. You can search dream-meaning books for answers to why you dreamt about a bird or what dreaming of flying means, but the interpretation of dreams is as personal as the dream itself.

Dreams give you a glance within your soul. When you dream about a friend you haven’t seen since high school, ask yourself what the dream means. Do you miss the person? Did you learn something about yourself from your friendship? Maybe a characteristic that you’ve let slide, such as self-esteem? Or perhaps you heard a song on the radio earlier that day that reminded you of high school and triggered a memory of your friend. Only you can decide and interpret what your dream about a long-lost friend means.

The authors Trish and Rob MacGregor, in their book “The Complete Dream Dictionary: A Bedside Guide to Knowing What Your Dreams Mean”, advise asking the following questions to interpret your night visions:

  • Identify your first impression of the dream. Your initial reaction is probably correct, and the meaning is exactly as you see it.
  • Try to connect your dreams with images you’ve seen on television, read in books or seen in your daily life.
  • Consider your dream as a whole, as if you are on the outside looking in. Do you see a pattern or specific location in the dream?
  • Then, look at the details of the dream. Recall any sights, smells, and feelings, no matter how small.
  • Did your dream have any patterns or cycles? For example, did it occur over a year, a season or a day?
  • As your day continues, think about your dream and write down any other information you can remember.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone You Love?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone You Love

Dreams about someone you love can leave you feeling happy, content, excited and fulfilled. If you haven’t seen the person for a while, you may also feel lonely or sad but thankful you had a chance to see them in your dreams.

If Freud is correct, dreaming of someone you love is fulfilling a wish you have to see that person. Jung’s theory suggests that dreams are symbols of things and dreaming of someone you love represents something about yourself. What is dreaming about this person telling you about you?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone You Don’t Know?

According to Psychology Today, your dreams typically contain two or three people; most of the time, you don’t know the characters in your dreams.

The Hall/Van de Castle theory for dream interpretation state that between 50 and 80 per cent of the people in dreams are unknown. According to this theory, strangers are usually represented as aggressive males. Hall/Van de Castle suggest that dreamers are processing feelings of aggression when they dream of male strangers. When dreaming, our mind attempts to form emotional memories. If those emotions are aggressive, you may dream about someone you don’t know.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Who Has Passed?

The Jungian theory of the idea of dreaming about someone who has passed away suggests looking within for the reason you’re contemplating this particular person. Find out what they were like and the qualities you find admirable about them. What are the things you can identify with the person? Are there traits in him you’d like to play? If the person is always depressed or sad, Do you feel sad and depressed? It is believed that the Jungian idea is that such dream experiences are ways to understand yourself better.

Following Freud’s theories, the desire to meet the deceased is fulfilled through your visions. You would like to meet the person, and your brain brings that person’s memory to life through dreams.

Unfortunately, asking for a dream, such as putting a DVD film into a player, is impossible. Try focusing on the memory of someone you love to assist you in dreaming about the person you love; however, it’s not guaranteed. Your subconscious is aware of the is needed to help process your memories, guide you to the right path, or assist you in healing. If you dream of someone you know, you’ll. If you imagine eating ice cream, then you will!

When You Dream About Someone What Does It Mean?

You are the best person to interpret your dreams. Your initial response after waking from a dream of a loved one, stranger or someone deceased is probably correct. You’ll know whether you are missing the person and your dream was a wish fulfilled, if the person is reminding you of a part of you that is lost, or simply identifying a feeling within you such as aggression.

Another piece of the dream interpretation puzzle can include the lighting of your dream. “The Complete Dream Dictionary” touches on the lighting in your dreams. If the colors are bright and vivid and you can see the colors easily, you have entered into a move-evolved conscious state. The ideas in this dream should be more accessible for you to accept and interpret.

If the dream is in low light, black and white, or old-fashioned sepia, brownish tones, you have entered a less evolved consciousness area. This type of dream may require more processing. If your dreams are even darker, they are probably coming from deep in your consciousness.

Your dreams about someone can help you get unstuck. They may be a reminder you need to make changes and move on with your life. Dreams can be wishes fulfilled to see a person, or they can symbolise something going on with you.

However you decide to interpret your dream, it is acceptable. Dreams are very personal, and only you know what that dream about your old high school friend represents. In the overall scheme of things, maybe he’s reaching out to you, or your high school reunion is coming. You will uncover why you’re dreaming of people, and although you can’t control it, once you understand why, you can slip easily into dreamland each night.

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