Weaving a Wedding Tale by Simple Insights

wedding planning tips
wedding planning tips

When it comes to their wedding, we know that one desire, every heart harbors – a desire to be unique, to be exquisite and special in every sense, which is what a few easy additions to your wedding places can give. You will be surprised how easily these add-ons can make your wedding one remember! Let’s check a few of them which will make your wedding a day to remember for all….!

A Bachelorette Party

Every bride deserves to have fun. And that’s exactly why a bachelorette party tops the list. Ladies, listen up! It’s time to up the ante and has some legendary bachelorette parties. Let’s not only men have all the fun!

Mehendi Favors

The most exciting function to attend is the Mehendi ceremony replete with food, dance, music, and games that you can’t get enough of. Handing out Mehendi favors before your wedding places are a new favorite idea. By gifting cute personalized gifts, let your guests have a day they will never truly forget. I have personally dig cookies with colorful frosting which has Mehndi Designs on it, and Gota Patti earrings. There’s no dearth of options today for wedding gifts for friends or wedding gifts for couples too by their friends and family!

A Grand Couple Entry

We absolutely swoon over couples who enter together. Couples who enter their wedding together somehow manage to put everyone at ease apart from a sense of completeness and togetherness, of course. Dance in together, or ride in on a bike- do what you love, and you’ll shine through it!

Watercolour Invites

Everybody loves understated invites, but that’s not all you can get with these. These kinds of invites can also sport some gorgeous themes, so explore your options.

A Wedding Website

Everything’s moving online- why shouldn’t your wedding? You’ll have a virtual space just for your wedding- a space that’s organized, maintained, and informative to your guests. What are you waiting for?

Some essential Do’s and Don’t Do’s

Coordinate a Color Scheme for the Family

It looks wonderful during the wedding reception and in the pictures to have the women in your family color coordinate their outfits. For instance, if you pick pink as the color for your function, have your mom, sisters, aunts, cousins, and friends wear different shades of pink. It holds all of you together as a family.

Wear Colors that Complement your Body Type

Don’t pick a color for your outfit just because it is in fashion. Wear it because it suits your skin and body type. The color might look nicer on your wedding day if it is in fashion at the time, but a few years later nobody will remember what the color for the season was.

Go Trendy for Functions other than the Ceremony

Save the traditional look for the ceremony and go with contemporary for your other functions. Other than the fact that contemporary is extremely in this season and will be for a while, it will create a variety in terms of what you wear, your jewelry, and your hair/make-up.

Mix Fabrics and Textures in Outfits

Looking dressed up isn’t always about a lot of embroideries. Try blending different fabrics and textures to dress up your outfit. Combinations will make your outfit look beautiful and original. For example, wear a lace lehenga with a brocade top at your wedding reception. And there’s always the added bonus that the outfit doesn’t weigh 20 pounds and weigh you down when you would rather be dancing.

Have a Bridal Party

No longer are bridal parties only for church weddings. Make sure you and your groom both have parties that include your siblings and close friends. You can also design some wedding gifts for friends through this opportunity.

Flamboyant Hair Do’s with Hair Accessories

Even though you might not normally think you look nice with your hair taken up, definitely try it for your wedding functions. You don’t have to do a traditional chignon, instead, try a more modern hairdo. And don’t forget some nice hair accessories such as flowers, crystals, fancy pins or jewelry to match your earrings and neckpiece.

Give Yourself Enough Time when Ordering your Outfits

You must wear your dream outfit that you have been fantasizing about forever or at least something extremely close to it. Go ahead and custom order your outfit for your wedding reception. Give yourself at least 3-4 months, more if you can.

Do a Complete Trial with the Clothes, Hair, Jewellery and Make-up before the Wedding Day

Don’t let anybody see you all dressed up but do try the whole outfit on with the shoes and jewelry about 2 weeks before the wedding. This will give you a chance to make sure it all matches, the heels and the length of the lehnga fit, the hair looks nice with the earrings and other similar details all work well.


Stick to Traditional Bridal Colors

This season is all about non-traditional colors. You can stick to the more basic reds, pinks, and oranges for the wedding but experiment with turquoise or a Green for the other functions.

Wear Lehengas for all Functions

Do not repeat a style or cut of an outfit for more than 1 function. Just because you are getting married does not mean you have to wear a lehenga for every function. There is so much available in styles, try to experiment.

Be a part of the Planning Process 1 Month Before the Wedding

One month before your wedding let it all go. Arrange a spa weekend with your girlfriends and then pamper yourself and rest. Cherish in the love that your friends and family shower on you through their efforts in making your wedding the perfect day for you. Bask in the glory of the several wedding gifts for couples that you and your groom will be bombarded with.

Purchase large Trousseaus

In today’s trendy times, fashion changes faster than you can blink. So as tempted as you are, do not buy yourself large 21 or 51 piece trousseaus. Be smart and don’t put your families through this process, especially since the styles will change so fast and you may not even get a chance to wear most of your new outfits.

Have your Final Fitting too long before the Wedding

Make sure you don’t have your final fitting more than 2-3 weeks before the wedding reception. This will minimize changes for the final day. Even if your outfit is ready way before the wedding, the final fitting should be as close to the wedding as possible.

Take care of the above essentials, and you are sure to have a blast on your wedding day!