10 Ways To Take Care Of Your Beautiful Dusky Skin

Dusky skin is different from light-coloured skin, not only in colour but also from cellular makeup to texture.  Well, my beautiful dusky women, worry no more!

Do you feel that there isn’t enough information on skin care tips for dusky women? Are all the forums and beauty tips made for women with lighter skin?

Most of the information out there is made for light-skinned women. But they completely ignore the fact that those tips will not apply well to dusky women.

Dusky skin is different from light-coloured skin, not only in colour but also from cellular makeup to texture.

Well, my beautiful dusky women, worry no more! We’ve got you covered.

Here we provide you with some very important tips to have beautiful, healthy skin that will compliment your dark complexion.

So what are you waiting for? Keep reading!

How to take care of your beautiful dusky skin

Stay away from the heat!

Stay away from the heat

Dear ladies, the sun is your worst enemy when it comes to having beautiful, healthy skin.

However, since you’re not a hermit, eventually, you’ll have to go out in the sun sometime.

So whenever you got out in the sun, make sure to take extra precautions to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Using a high SPF sunscreen and sun-blocks will reduce the damage caused by the sun.

You could also try to cover your face with a light-coloured scarf or carry an umbrella with you.

Use tinted moisturizer foundation .

Use tinted moisturizer foundation

Most of the foundations in the market will artificially make the dark skin look lighter.

This will make your skin look like plastic and made-up. You wouldn’t want that!

These foundations make the skin rough and give the impression that Who unevenly applied it.

Since you’re reading this and because you are beautiful, here is a secret tip!

Try blending some tinted moisturizer that compliments your skin colour to the foundation that you use.

By adding the moisturizer, Who will evenly spread the foundation on your skin, and you can avoid that frog-skin-like ugly patches.

Take care of those pimples .

Take care of those pimples

Ladies, did you know that dusky skin tones are more prone to acne and pimple attacks than lighter skin.

These monstrous pimples are likely to reappear on your face if it is not moistured or cleaned properly.

To avoid this doomsday scenario, you have to open the pores present in your skin regularly.

You could do this by cleaning your face every day, and you could also do this by removing all your makeup before you go to bed, which will let your skin cells breathe through the night.

But whatever happens, never pop your pimple unless you want your beautiful face to be ridden by them.

Choosing the right tone

Using a toner regularly is one sure-shot way to keep your face pimple-free.

The right toner should be your best friend as it will remove all the accumulated dirt on the skin surface and gently exfoliates your skin.

Rub it in well!

Rub it in well

As we have already discussed above, letting your skin breathe is very important.

Dusky skin tones are likely to attract more oil, dust, and dirt particles than lighter skin shades.

You will find a mild scrub that has minimum chemicals to scrub your skin with by doing some research.

If you go all-natural, try using some curd mixed with ram flour. Or, you could even try some olive oil mixed with sugar. Apply it gently to your face using a circular motion and rinse the dirt from your skin.

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Using a foundation that matter

Using a foundation that matter

One of the major challenges faced by  dusky skin women is the inability to a compact or foundation cream that will match their dusky skin  tone.

That being said, finding the right foundation is important as it should complement your skin colour and not mask it with a completely contrasting tone.

The right shade should be similar to your natural  dusky skin  colour.

If you don’t find the right foundation or a lighter shade, it will make your skin look ashy after applying it.

You could also try liquid foundations that give not the distinctive matte look that the other foundations give.

Throw your powder away

Throw your powder away

The beautiful shine of the dusky skin  is perfect. Don’t dim that shine by coating it with layers of powder. Powders are likely to make your face look clumpy and cakey.

Just like avoiding the wrong foundations, using a lot of powder will make your face look grey and ashy.

Unlike foundation, powders cannot blend with your dusky tone.

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Don’t forget to mask your face.

Don’t forget to mask your face

Duskier skin tones tend to lose moister than other types of skin tones.

Here is a simple home remedy that you can use to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized:

Mix egg and honey and use that mask for amazing, glowing, and radiant skin. While preparing this, go for the egg white if you have oily skin and go for egg white if you have dry skin.

Use this mask at least once a week.

Remove oil

Remove oil

Dusky skin  women will often find that their skins are oily. People with oily skins avoid moisturizers as they only make matters worse. Nobody wants a face covered with grease.

Here is a helpful tip. Apply some milk of magnesia to your face and let it settle down. After that, add some light and non-oily moisturizer. Using this method, you can moisturize your skin without making it look like Who covered it with oil.

Avoid hot water!

Avoid hot water

Dripping in hot water during a cold winter morning is a pleasure, but you should avoid hot water unless you have light skin.

Hot water generally tends to boil the essential oils present in your skin, making the surface look like a parched land.

To avoid this, use lukewarm water instead.

Since the inception of beauty care, society has always placed importance on light-skinned tones. Thankfully, women worldwide realize that your beauty is not dependent on your skin colour, but it’s all about taking care of your skin; therefore, follow these tips and practices to get better, beautiful, and radiant  dusky skin.

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