10 Ways to Have The Best Day of Your Life

best day of your life
best day of your life

I recently moved to a new city, made major life changes, and began putting down roots. I’ve had a run of amazing days and thought I’d share my secrets with you. There’s no need to worry, there’s no one day that must be the only best day of your life—I’m aiming to make each one the best, and so should you!

1. Meditate upon rising

Before you start your day, sit up and meditate in bed. Don’t check your email, and don’t look at your phone. Just sit, close your eyes, and meditate for 15-20 minutes. If you start the day this way, you set a tone that promotes clarity and calm.

2. Wake up early

That’s right—get up early and seize the day! Sleeping in is great, but waking up early grants you bonus time to hit the gym, make a proper breakfast, or spend time with a loved one.

3. Go to yoga

I started practicing yoga in 1999, and it was a total game-changer. You feel longer, leaner, and clearer-headed when you do yoga. Try some free classes online, or check out your local Y, community center or yoga studio.

4. Take yourself out to dinner

Pick a restaurant you love or one you’ve been curious about, and take yourself out on a dinner date. Get dolled up and enjoy a long, leisurely meal with yourself. Also, go for it and order dessert!

5. Turn off your phone

Spend at least 2/3rds of the day with your phone switched off. Let loved ones know you’re taking a phone break, and enjoy being off the hook for a bit. See how it feels to go unplugged and enjoy the chance to focus on whatever tasks or projects you are working on without constant interruptions.

6. Take a long bath

Grab some Dead Sea salt, a little almond oil, and a few candles, then have a spa night. Treat yourself to a nice, new fluffy towel, and play soothing music. You need to give yourself TLC and not wait for it to come from outside sources.

7. Listen to all of your favorite songs

Bust out your old vinyl and grab a record player from a friend if you don’t have one. Regardless of whether you’re going for the full-on vinyl experience, put on all of your favorite tunes and grab some popcorn. Simple pleasures can be extremely healing, and playing songs that you adore can soothe the soul.

8. Do something for someone else

Bake something for a neighbor, visit an animal shelter and drop off supplies, or just send flowers to someone you care for. Take a moment and do something for someone else, and see how great it makes you feel. I sent flowers to a loved one this week—it made my day, and theirs!

9. Avoid social media

I recently cut way down on my social media usage and I feel great. Try a social media detox and observe how much more productive and relaxed you’ll be. Don’t worry, it’ll all still be there tomorrow, so take today off from reading about what your friends ate for lunch.

10. Plan nothing

That’s right—I encourage you to try an entire day without structure or boundaries. Don’t set any particular time to wake up, get out the door, or run errands. Taking a day such as this now and then allows you to listen to your body’s natural rhythm, calm down and be fully in the present. No worries about what happened in the past, no fretting about the future—simply enjoy yourself in the NOW, with no appointments or restrictions for one whole day.


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