Some Of The Very Important Factors For Google Rankings

Google ranking
Google ranking

Every website owner wants a good Google ranking and with the tough competition, it is not that easy, but if you follow these simple steps then you can get a great and high ranking of your website on Google search.

Today the competition between websites for a good Google search rank has intensified beyond proportions. Websites and companies are leaving no stone unturned to see to it that their website or landing page rank high on Google search and for that, they are willing to go to any extent.

If your website is safe and accessible and easy to navigate then definitely you will have an edge over your competition. Also if your website loads quickly then again you will have an edge over the competition.

Most importantly you should have good and quality content on your website which will keep the readers engaged and hooked on to your website. A great website will mean a great conversion rate and also will increase the business which your website generates.

It is also important to make your website mobile phone friendly as a lot of transactions today are happening through mobile phones and more and more people are accessing the internet through their smartphones.

Some Steps to follow for a Great Google Ranking: –


You need to have a safe and secure web page that does not have cookies or other dangerous malware or viruses. The site has to be safe and the visitor should not be in any kind of threat while using it. You can create a safe and accessible website with the help of Best Digital Marketing Company Gurgaon.

This will help bring in more visitors and also rank the site better on Google page rankings.

  • Optimized CONTENT ON SITE: –

The content on the site should be optimized and should have the relevant keywords and tags which help visitors looking for similar information reach the site fast and secure. The better the keyword selection and the better suited it is for the target audience the better the conversion and site visits.

Also, images having descriptions also help. This is so because the bots pick up the information and then show your website as a top ranking one.

You can learn more ways to optimize your website with Digital Marketing Training Gurgaon.


Today a lot of searches and transactions are taking place on the mobile platform through smartphones and thus your site should be optimized for mobile phones. This will help you enhance your reach and thus you will be able to get more visitors and site hits which will convert into business and finally profit.


Your site should not have too many videos or flash as this will be irritating for the visitor as the site will take longer to load and thus it is a good idea to keep only relevant content, images and videos and not use flash as this will enhance the user experience and help you rank better on Google.


An appropriate and catchy domain name is critical for your success and thus you should go with a domain name which aptly describes your business and core competencies.

  • LINKS: –

Also having internal and external links on your web page is critical for a high ranking as the Google bots will pick up the keywords in these links and help you get a better and a higher ranking.


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