Using Instagram is The Best Way to Drive High Traffic to a Fashion Website

Synchronizing trending fashion with its demand at the right time is the best way to endorse the right product at the right time. This is, however, the basic technique followed by all business brands and applies to fashion brands. Instagram is the best platform to build and promote your fashion brand because this is essentially a photo-sharing and video-sharing app.

Given the fact now, the majority of consumers use mobile phones for browsing the internet round the clock, Instagram is the best platform to lay a consistent focus on this large number of mobile users. This platform provides an incredible advantage to fashion brands to reach out to many engaged customers, even if they are not physically present at the fashion show for a product launch.


In comparison to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others, Instagram posts receive responses more than 60 times more than Facebook and 120 times more visibility when compared to Twitter.

This is one of the most significant reasons behind using this platform to gain a massive online presence consistently with the use of eye-catching pictures and videos of products.

Ways to attract traffic

The best way to attract more traffic to your fashion site using Instagram is by using posts and captions just like a pro. You may take the help of experts like Gramista, for that matter. However, you must get familiarized with all the crucial features of Instagram before using it to endorse your products. You will need to be well versed with it to make the best use of the features for your business benefits. A few specific things and features that you should know to increase traffic to your fashion site include:

  • Instagram for business: This is the recent feature released by Instagram. As the name of the feature indicates, Instagram for Business offers some of the most valuable and seamless services, such as brand spotlights, APU examples, brilliant promotional tips, and the latest news from Instagram. All these will help boost your promotional efforts and results significantly.
  • User-Generated Contents: This feature will help you to use and highlight consumer-generated content. Since all consumers love to be recognized, you will give them great value by mentioning their names in your stream. This will bestow an overwhelming sense of excitement naturally to the consumers. They will be more encouraged to promote your brand among their family and a vast network of friends.
  • Cross-promote social profiles: Cross-endorsing your social media accounts is a reasonable and practical approach that will enable you to take advantage of all your social networks to draw more traffic on Instagram and thereby to your fashion site by clicking on the link that you will provide in your profile bio.
  • Use hashtags: You must use the best and most optimized hashtags to endorse your products. These hashtags will help you to connect to all other users in your fashion community. Using proper and popular hashtags is the best way to grab the attention of all new followers. Whether you use #follow or #like, #followmeor #tagsforlikes, make sure that while selecting the hashtags for your brand, keep in mind that these are unique and relevant to your products as well as your target audience.
  • Leverage videos: Using relevant videos is another way to showcase your product in a better and more appealing way. You can use channels like YouTube to post short yet intuitive and informative videos of your fashionable products and accessories on Instagram. Ensure you direct the followers to the YouTube channel to learn more about the product and other relevant details. Attaching a video to your blog is one of the best and most effective techniques to attract a new audience fast, as this is the unique selling point for any fashion product.
  • Follow your followers: You must always follow your Instagram followers back, especially as they are the most valuable customers. If you follow them up, it will help you to maintain a long-term relationship with them.
  • Follow for following. You can find hashtags like #follow4follow to follow others, and they will follow back soon. GetInsta also offers a fair platform for users to follow each other. Thus, you can get accurate and free followers for Instagram.

It is no longer news that Instagram has taken over other traditional social platforms for branding and promotions. This visual-sharing platform will provide more media coverage almost to an unprecedented level which is why this platform is the top priority of most fashion brands. This photo-sharing platform is also being used increasingly by different fitness gadget makers because it helps them tell stories about their products and brands through visual capture.

Reasons for the phenomenal rise of Instagram

Instagram has replaced media coverage with its social visuals as this is a specifically designed platform for storytelling. The visual effects and the attention-grabbing images create a quicker and better impression and a long-lasting effect that helps the users to make a buying decision quickly.

  • Since fashion and fitness depend mainly on stunning pictures, graphics, and videos, the Instagram platform is the best to open up fashion to a greater audience. This is much more effective than the closed-door, elitist, and celebrity haze approach.
  • The platform allows you to connect with your followers directly and speak to them worldwide instead of a handful of the audience at a show. It will also help you determine how a broader audience appreciates and accepts your concepts and skills.
  • Instagram offers them a chance to describe their offers and products much better, pictorially allowing potential buyers to have a closer look at the features and uses of the specific item.

In short, Instagram makes the promotion job easier for fashion brands with its potential to catch the attention of millions of users, 800 million to be precise, allowing you to sell your offerings in a better way to a larger and intended audience.

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