Urinary Tract Infections Food Remedies

While writhing in pain from UTI (urinary tract infections), it is always consoling to know that there are potent choices apart from the antibiotic route for respite from pains

While writhing in pain from UTI (urinary tract infections), it is always consoling to know that there are potent choices apart from the antibiotic route for respite from pains & several UTI symptoms. Our kitchens appear to be the most proper place when looking for a reprieve from UTI.

Wetting Your Whistles

Among the most crucial things, you could do to resolve UTI is drinking water (50% of your body weight in oz. of water) close to eighty oz. Daily to assist in flushing off bacterial forms.



Cranberry has hippuric acid that assists in preventing bacteria from adhering to the urethral area. During a reassessment of ten trials enrolling 1049 individuals, females taking cranberries in supplemental form had a considerably lesser risk of developing urinary tract infections than placebo-takers.

Ensure drinking cranberries in juiced form minus any sugary presence for averting extra calories and aiming for sixteen to thirty-two oz. Daily is recommended. If plain juiced cranberries aren’t appealing enough for you, then take four hundred mg. cranberries in the supplemental form daily.

Select Probiotic Curd


Merely small-scale trials have been conducted on the impact of probiotics on UTIs. However, scientists are well aware that there are proper bacterial forms present in probiotics that could help fight several infections. Despite all yogurts starting with healthful bacterial forms, several yogurt types have additional bacterial forms that benefit the stomach.

Doctors recommend that women consume yogurt regularly & begin consuming supplemental probiotics two times daily for a month once they become symptomatic with UTI.

Increase intake of onion, garlic


Though there is still a shortage of trials backing it onion, garlic, when included in a general healthful diet, is believed to combat UTI due to its antibacterial properties.

Potent Vitamin C

It is an antioxidant that helps to maintain optimal health & functioning of urethral & bladder areas. Moreover, vitamin C increases the acidity of urine that thwarts bacterial growth, which causes urinary tract infections. The max advised dosage for grown-ups is two thousand mg daily, though, for severe cases, physicians might advise increasing dosages for some days. Due to the likely side-effects of elevated dosages of this antioxidant, it is crucial that one firstly checks with one’s physician before trying increased dosages.

Have a Blueberry Blast

Blueberry Blast

Blueberry is the cousin of cranberry & a potent oxidant that helps in maintaining good health & staving off infections. Though it is beneficial in eating blueberry regularly – however when one is on the lookout for medicinal effects, then revving up the intake is necessary. Several doctors suggest that consuming one hundred percent juiced blueberries within the initial day after becoming symptomatic would decrease symptoms.



Pineapples contain bromelain, an enzymatic blend that might lower inflammations from infections. Researchers deem that bromelain might also obliterate bacterial & viral forms that will effectively comb or cure UTIs. But, there’s no evidence about such effect as of now & one would require taking supplemental bromelain for getting a medicinal impact.

However, people need to be wary that it might be causing grave interactions with several diverse medicines; hence, checking with a physician firstly in case one plans on taking the supplement.

Stirring in some Soda Bicarb


Advice put forth by several specialists is to drink a beaker of water alongside ½ tsp. of soda bicarb to assuage UTI symptoms. Though physicians don’t broadly advise it, soda bicarb might assist with UTI-related stinging pains. Nevertheless, cranberry is possibly a more acceptable victual source to opt for.

Uva Ursi

Uva Ursi

The inflammation-combating uva ursi could ably tackle UTIs. However, it appears to be working solely in nonacidic urine, hence evading vitamin C intake that could increase the acidic nature of urine at the analogous instant. This herb could be causal to acute liver harm; hence one must be checking with a physician before using it or some herb form.

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