Top Ways To Monetize Your Blog

monetize your blog

With the increase in the number of internet users, businesses are understanding that the internet is a good place to shout out their products and services. Big businesses are spending millions to advertise their products and services online to gain more intention and customers.

Now, it’s usual that they need a place where they can advertise. Millions of blogs, forums, websites are used worldwide since there’s no shortage of blogs for advertisers to advertise their product.

Ad network like Google AdSense provides a rich platform for both advertisers and publishers and most of the bloggers and website owners are using AdSense, like Ad Networks to monetize their blog by placing ads. But, that’s not the only thing you can do to monetize your blog.

There are a lot more things you can do to maximize your revenue from your blog. In this article, we’ll be discussing all the top 7 ways to Monetize your Blog to the full-blown business.

When the word business came into our mind, most people probably start thinking about buying and selling products only. But, the world is moving towards virtuality and most business organizations are understanding the fact that more grip over the internet means more sales. So, if you have a few hundred or a few thousands of visitors to your blog on a daily basis, it’s a good opportunity for you to make revenue.

It’s not only about using ad network like AdSense or but there are more ways you can use. However, it depends on the user interaction with your blog and the number of visitors you got on a daily basis. It’s just the tactics you can use to earn revenue from them.

People on the internet kept finding a way to entertain themselves by listening to music, watching movies, playing unblocked games, reading stories, and much more. You just need to find a way which will be useful to make money from those visitors. Read down the best ways to monetize your blog and start earning today.

1. Sell Your Freelancing Services

This method completely depends on how much your user interacts with your website and what your blog is all about. Nowadays, most of the blogs are tech-based describing different and easy ways to do the same thing. e.g assume that you write about coding a website or designing a website. Now, this work can be easily done remotely and you can create a link to your post saying “Hire Me To Develop Your Blog” or something like that.

If your blog looks trustworthy and your content is rich and well written, then people will surely trust you and will buy freelancing services you provide. Now, it’s up to you how much trust factor you’re able to grow in front of your visitors.

2. Promote Any Other Product/Service In Your Post

If you’re getting a lot of attention and traffic, then it’s an opportunity for you to promote any paid product/post which matches the type of content you’ve written in that post. This way you can increase the engagement and your visitors will surely buy that product/service if they find it useful. You just need to find a relevant thing that can be promoted.

There are two ways you can make money through that promotion, e.g contact the company/business whose product will be promoted and sell Ad Space to them, or alternatively, use affiliate link so that you’ll be paid per sales. This is how promoting another product/service can make you money from your blog.

3. Use Ad Network CPC and CPM Based Ad network

This is the 3rd cool method to make money from your blog. You should use both CPC and CPM based ad networks to monetize your blog smartly. If you’re using CPC based Ad network, you’ll be paid per click on the ads placed on your website. But, if we talk about CPM, you’ll be paid per 1000 impression.

There are many top CPM based Ad networks that pay well e.gUberCPM who share 80% of its revenue with the publisher. So, you should also give a try to both AdSense, like CPC ad networks and UberCPM like CPM ad network to maximize your revenue.

4. Sell PDF or E-Books To Your Visitors

This is another popular and widely used way to make revenue from the blog. You too have seen many bloggers selling E-Books on their blogs which are written by themselves. If you’re an expert in something related to people’s interest then it’s easy to sell paid books online.

For example, let’s say that your article “How To Make Green Salad At Home” is ranking and you’re gaining good enough traffic, then you should really write a book describing many types of salads and recipes to prepare them. Just make sure that the book you’ve decided to written matches your website’s niche and your visitor’s interests.

5. Place Affiliate Ad Banner On Your Website

Not all people are able to figure out the way they can use affiliate marketing to sell products that meet the interests of the visitors visiting their website. If you’re able to figure out that, then placing a few affiliate banners on your website can make you money fast.

Assume that your post related to “Health” is ranked and thousands of visitors are visiting your blog daily. Now, if you’re just “Optimizing Ad Network’s Ads” to get maximum CTR then you’re doing well but probably missing out very important things.

If your complete blog is about health then place affiliate links to products like “Healthy Drinks”, “Gym Workout Things” and so on then, it’s obvious that many people will find them useful and will purchase them. This will make you extra money and if your suggestion is good, user interaction will increase on your blog. The best way to place affiliate banners is by placing them on widgets and headers of your blog.

6. Sell Ad Space On Your Blog

There are many of you who are able to generate thousands of visitors daily. If you’re one of them and you got thousands of page views daily then you should really sell ad space on your blog. You should approach such companies whose products/services match the niche of your website.

They’ll surely want to advertise on your website by placing an ad banner. You need to specify the rates according to the banner size and place where the ad will be placed.

7. Write Affiliate Articles On Your Blog

This is another best and old method to make money from the blog. Affiliate marketing is becoming the best way to make revenue from the blog and you might have heard of this method before. But, not all users are able to do affiliate marketing.

As we’ve discussed above that user’s interaction is very important and he/she should trust your website. Only then you’ll be able to do affiliate marketing.

You can find a relevant keyword e.g “Best Laptops Under 500$”, then write an article on this topic and place affiliate links. If any of the visitors will buy through your affiliate link, then you’ll be given a commission.

8. Use Browser CryptoMiners

This is one of the latest and legal method to mine cryptocurrency using the CPU power of visitors. Many websites are using this method to generate cryptocurrency. This method is legal and you can try this to make money from your blog. All you need to do is, use a relevant Miner on your blog. WordPress users can use plugins like cognitive which is able to mine cryptocurrency directly from visitor’s CPU.