Top Expensive Schools In Ghana

As the world evolves we as human beings are beginning to realize how much education means to us. Without education everything seems impossible in this fast growing world. Countries that have sufficient resources regarding educational purposes are getting a head and the countries that struggle to provide sufficient education for their kids are lacking behind.

Education seem like the biggest go to aspect when it comes to taking your population towards glory. In US there are thousands of decent schools and colleges that are providing high level education to kids. But unlike other high profile countries there are some countries that were once lacking very badly in this education department. One of such countries is Ghana Africa.  It wasn’t long ago Africa was suffering with a huge food and water crises that caused the death of many. While dealing with such issues African government stop focusing on their education system as it was not their main priority at that time. People who don’t know Africa must think African education system is almost non-existing, however it isn’t true as Africa does have some expensive schools to add to their list. However finding an affordable yet high quality education providing school can be a crucial task. The majority of good education providing school and colleges are only for the high class. These schools aren’t as expensive as the school we have in the US or other top class countries but they are pretty costly for Africa’s local population. Today we will count down the top expensive school present in Ghana Africa:

SOS- Gmeiner International College

This is a British syllabus school present in Africa that claims to provide British style education to all of their students. The fee of this expensive school is GH¢40,800. Due to its expensive nature many kids are not able to afford it, hence making it one of the most expensive schools of Africa. Sos international college contain all the needed medical care along with other extra-curricular activities.

Soul Clinic School

This is another British educational system school present on Africa. The fee of this school goes up top GH¢ 2595 for each kid. They claim to have highly qualified teachers and tutors studied under British schooling system. According to a site called help with dissertation these schools have a standby doctor and a nurse present in it at all times.

Lincoln School Community

This is one of the most highly recommended schools of Ghana Africa as they follow the American Syllabus system to teach their students. They charge around GH¢ 109, 567 for each kid. If you can afford it, Lincoln School is one of the best American style school present in Africa today.

American International School System

This expensive school in located in the east side of Ghana. American International School Ghana charges up to GH¢40,000. They also follow American syllabus system to teach their kids.


This is a Muslim school based in Africa. They use Islamic studies combine with British and Cambridge study system to teach their students. Their fee is around GH¢15,000 per kid.

Ghana International Schooling System Also Known As (GIS)

Ghana International Schooling System is one of the best schools of Ghana. They have all three departments from nursery to secondary. They use British syllabus methods to teach their kids. Their fee is GH¢14,000.

Liberty American School In Ghana

This is one of the most expensive schools in Ghana as they also follow American education systems and syllabus. According to every student who study in Liberty American School pay around GH¢30,000.

Roman Ridge Schooling System

Another expensive school that follow British educational methods to teach their kids. Roman Ridge Schooling System charges GH¢6,000.per student.

All these schools mentioned above have the ability to provide high British and American level education as most of them follow their syllabus. These schools contain all the necessary requirements a good school should have. Kids who graduated from these schools have a high chance of landing a better more fruitful job in future. In Ghana majority of families are trying to provide their kids with the best education possible to help them compete with the world. But with the rising standards and fee it is becoming hard and harder for families to provide proper education to their kids.

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