What are The Top Reasons to Pursue Your Fashion Career on Instagram?

You know that Instagram is gaining traction by the day. You must have seen how people have succeeded in building businesses and brands via Instagram. You have even witnessed how a fashion business could boost its overall online presence by effectively leveraging this powerful marketing platform. Similarly, you could pursue a career in the fashion industry by being on this thriving social media platform.

Understanding the way to build a fabulous personal brand online seems to be essential to building your reputation in the industry. You could successfully showcase your expertise and knowledge in the trade. You could have an excellent Instagram profile for flaunting your work and that should act effectively as your portfolio. We could easily pursue a robust career in the fashion industry as a fashion blogger, fashion influencer, fashion designer, and fashion entrepreneur by being on Instagram that promotes you, your brand, and boosts your overall presence online. Here are the top reasons to leverage the versatile and vibrant social media platform like Instagram.

The Entire Fashion Fraternity is on Instagram

Practically everything associated with the world of fashion is very much present on Instagram. You are able to watch live fashion shows, you could browse through the latest collections of top fashion designers and fashion houses, you could learn more about the private and personal life of top fashion models and you could have easy access to the latest updates of numerous fashion bloggers. If you wish to be in the fashion industry, you have to be on Instagram.

Fashion brands are the most popular on Instagram as compared to any other brands and they are way ahead of others in terms of performance on Instagram. Instagram is just the right platform complementing the fashion industry. The fashion brands are known to receive remarkably more interactions and followers and so they are regarded as the most engaging and biggest profiles on Instagram. Moreover, stats reveal that 96 percent of all the fashion brands in the United States are on Instagram. Seek professional assistance from well-known digital marketing agencies when you decide to buy real Instagram likes.

Fashion Is Predominantly Visual So Instagram Is Made for It

Instagram is supposed to be all about visuals. Fashion is inherently associated with aesthetics and beauty. Mind-blowing photos have always been used for promoting fashion brands whether in fashion magazines or on billboards. So it is very natural for fashion brands to thrive and succeed on this visual platform.

IG & Careers

Many influencers are known widely as bloggers but they are actually Instagrammers since Instagram is the right platform where they get the opportunity to publish their unique content. Instagram has become instrumental in building stellar careers. It has dramatically transformed the life of top influencers like @songofstyle who attends all important fashion events today. Bloggers, both fashion and lifestyle, need stunning images to promote their business. Hence, they would be requiring specialists like stylists, make-up artists, photographers, etc. All these specialists thrive on Instagram. So all careers related to fashion could treat Instagram as the ultimate destination for promotion, fruition, and success.


It is quite easy to be found and get noticed on Instagram. You could collaborate and connect with your peers from the fashion industry and get noticed and found by your potential clients. Your Instagram feed would be treated as your online portfolio which could get a whole lot of exposure. Instagram is the best platform for building a robust community of fans and pursuing a successful fashion career.

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