Top Business Features Of Apple Watch

features of apple watch

Features Of the Apple Watch is much more than an average watch that tells you time. The watch has some amazing features beyond the basic time-telling feature making your life convenient. The Apple Watch launched in 2015 is considered to be one of the most useful gadgets for modern business.

Whether you’re an iPhone user or whether you’re looking for having a classy watch that can help you keep a track of your health stats, the Apple watch is all you need. The tech-based watch can display your iPhone notifications on your watch so that you can never miss anything. You can use some of the features on your watch that you use on your smartphone.

In terms of business, the Apple watch can make you much more productive, as it goes along well with business. Fortunately, the Apple watch provides features that no other watch provides such as the ability to receive calls and not miss out on any notification.

Below are the best business features of Apple watch.

The style factor

The Apple Watch is not just a simple watch, but it’s a great styling accessory one can wear. The watch is available in a wide range of colors which you can choose from that can suit your style. The square face and smooth edges can help add glam to your personality. In addition, you can choose from different brands such as leather and metallic bands. Moreover, the watch is available in two sizes.

People can select the watch as per their wrist size. The digital crown on the left side helps navigate and scroll task in a proficient manner while you’re at a conference or a meeting.

Mobile wallet

With Apple Watch, you can make payments through Apple Pay. The watch serves the purpose of a mobile wallet and by carrying the watch you don’t need to carry money or the device can easily detect payment procedures. The users need to access their bank with their Apple watch and make payments by scanning the watch.

Use of voice commands

Apple Watch can be used to take commands in a hands-free manner and perform a range of actions. For example, you can receive driving instructions while heading for a new destination in your car.

You can find places wherever you want to go with the help of voice commands. It will guide you through the process and help you reach the exact destination. This is a much safer option where you don’t need to use your phone in your hand for doing this.

Receiving alerts & Notifications

The Apple Watch makes a buzzing sound every time you receive a notification. This way you will never miss an alert or important notification. It can display the notification on your iPhone as well for you to take an action. The alerts include a text message, an email, a reminder, or a calendar notification.

This feature is highly beneficial for business users who don’t want to miss out on a single message and they can get alerts on their watch while they are in a meeting or a conference. For this, one needs to sync the Apple watch with his iPhone device to receive notifications.

Third-party Applications

Apps are required for various purposes. There are numerous apps available that can be installed on your watch and you can enjoy the features and functions. Moreover, it allows you to install third-party apps that can be used for different purposes, for example, you can download a traveling app that will help you book your flight and hotel or you can download a Twitter app to manage your Twitter account. In addition, you can play your favorite games that are worth playing on your wrist.


Taking a phone while driving might seem like a risky idea. Not to worry, with the Apple watch you take an incoming call using your speaker and microphone on the device itself. You can easily answer the calling by holding the watch near your mouth. This is an ideal way to take an important call keeping security in mind.

The watch comes in handy, you can take Siri’s help to place outgoing calls. There’s no option to dial a number but you can add contacts to your address book and make a call.

The Apple watch can surely make your business more productive. Business owners who are looking for ways to gain reliability and convenience can opt for getting their hands on Apple Watch


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