Top 6 Best Torrent Client Apps For Android

best torrent client
best torrent client

Over the years mobile phones, tablets, and other devices running on the Android operating system have gained popularity, which even allows you to access files stored on your PC. Below find the best torrent client apps for Android.

These apps are well recognized due to their unique features and the ability to download files faster. Before you start using any of the torrents described below, ensure that you have downloaded top guard apps. This is one of the best software applications that offer your smartphone or tablet protection while downloading torrents.

1. tTorrent

tTorrent is one of the best torrent client with excellent features for Android devices. The app supports the use of advanced technologies such as sock 5 proxy or proxies. The use of such advanced techniques adds a high level of complexity and anonymity.


  • ability to download many torrents simultaneously
  • torrent search
  • ability to integrate with your favorite web browser
  • supports both https or socks proxies
  • ability to encrypt web traffic.

2. BitTorrent

BitTorrent is probably the best torrent client in the world. It works seamlessly with most of the android devices. This application offers a user-friendly graphical user interface that is easy even for new users.


  • Include- Wi-Fi mode use only
  • Ability to download various torrents simultaneously
  • Ability to play a file before downloading
  • Ability to subscribe or unsubscribe to RSS feeds
  • A long list of excessive content

3. uTorrent

One of the best features of uTorrent is the ability to utilize minimum resources on your device. This makes your device run as if no download is taking place. Unlike other apps that make your device slow. This app is well recognized for its so-called lightweight.


  • It has a different menu for increasing download speed and decreasing upload speed.
  • Streaming of video can be viewed even when downloading is going on to see if the video is good enough.
  • It is safer to use compared to other torrents.
  • Has the feature of starting downloading as you switch on your device.
  • Magnet links- are designed as an alternative to traditional tracker torrent files and became popularized when sites such as The Pirate Bay included native support for the format.
  • The utorrent also provides different downloaders unites to work under one hub so as to make the downloading easy and dynamic.

4. aTorrent

aTorrent has been rated as one of the best apps in this category due to its rich features. It works well with almost all tablets and other devices that run the Android operating system.


  • ability to open torrents from the browser
  • supports multiple parallel downloading
  • supports a wide array of protocols
  • supports large files for downloading
  • the ability to download only when you’re connected to the internet via Wi-Fi

5. aDownloader

aDownloader is another app, which is well known for its ability to download multiple files simultaneously. It runs well on most of the gadgets and does not consume resources. For this reason, it is preferred by many people across the globe.


  • user-friendly graphical user interface
  • ability to search torrents
  • ability to download many torrents simultaneously
  • the only drawback it consumes lots of battery life while downloading or usage.

6. SmartTorrent

SmartTorrent is one of the most powerful best torrent client apps for Android devices. It can be said that this app without any doubt is one of the fastest apps in this category.


  • port configuration
  • the ability to prioritize downloads
  • the capability to limit download or upload speeds
  • it provides with the ability as there in the utorrent to view the download and check its quality.


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