Top 5 Tips Natural Hair Growth

natural hair growth tips

Every girl dreams of growing long and healthy flowing hair. But, unfortunately, no trick can help your hair grow from short to extremely long within a day or two — instead, the entire process may take several weeks before you finally realize your dream of having long hair.

And, as much as several costly hair products claim to grow hair faster, these products are not considered a safe option since most of them may end up damaging your mane. To avoid such complications, go for ways that grow hair faster naturally.

Here are all the natural ways of growing long hair faster for you to read and use:

#1. Trim your hair

It may sound weird, but it’s necessary to trim your hair to make it grow even faster. Many hairstylists will recommend that you trim your hair after every six or eight weeks to grow it faster and at the same time keep it healthy.

But the best way to enhance natural hair growth is to trim it when you notice split ends or hair breakage. This will help your hair grow from the roots, which is also important if you want your hair to stay healthy and perfect.

#2. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Healthy food as much as the hair is considered to be a collection of intertwined dead cells. It still grows from the scalp, which is just an extension of the skin. In simple words, the scalp is a living extension of your body and has to be kept healthy all the time to support natural hair growth.

As a result, you will be required to adopt a proper lifestyle that will ensure that your hair grows to its full potential length.

This should include eating the right diet, getting enough rest as well as exercising regularly. In addition, your diet should be rich in calcium, iron, vitamin B12, and zinc. Who can derive such nutrients from cheese, lentils, fresh fish and Brazilian nuts, among others?

These are the nutritious foods that help you to grow hair faster naturally. Consequently, such foods should always form the bulk of what you eat.

#3. Massaging your scalp

The slow growth of your hair may be a result of poor blood circulation in your scalp. To enhance blood circulation, you will be required to massage your scalp gently for at least fifteen minutes daily.

A free circulation of blood in your scalp is important since is supplied the scalp with all the necessary nutrients that are vital for your hair’s healthy growth.

These nutrients, in turn, support the growth of keratin and collagen, which are the building blocks of hair. Additionally, an adequate supply of blood in the scalp will also increase the uptake of oxygen, which is also important in healthy natural hair growth.

#4. Growing your hair naturally Using vitamins and supplements

To grow healthy hair, vitamins should always be part of what you eat or take. You can enhance the supply of vitamins in your body by taking vitamin supplements. The vitamin supplement you take should also contain amino acid L-methionine and L-cysteine — two vital for the faster growth of hair. In addition to that, the supplement should also contain vitamin C and E.

This is because vitamin C helps the scalp to absorb all the nutrients that are necessary for natural hair growth, while vitamin C plays an important role in ensuring that there’s an effective flow of blood in the scalp for an adequate supply of oxygen.

#5. Using deep-conditioning treatment

To grow hair faster naturally, you will also be required to use some natural deep-conditioning treatments. This will provide your scalp with enough proteins and, at the same time, stock it up with enough moisture and sealing.

In most cases, two hair conditioners are normally used for a single treatment: one for providing the extra proteins and the other conditioner to provide extra moisture.

Instead of using the two conditioners, you can use an egg together with the moisture conditioner for effective hair treatment. You can start by applying the egg and waiting for about 15 minutes before applying the moisture treatment to treat your hair. Then, give it at least 10 minutes before you can proceed with the rinsing.

These are all the necessary steps to follow if you intend to grow your hair faster naturally. These processes may be tedious, but with a little patience and good practice, then you can have your dream hair within 30 days.

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