Top 5 Free Games For Android In 2019

free games
free games

Children and adults alike love to indulge in different types of games that are available on their Android devices! With the internet becoming cheaper and devices more powerful and faster, there have been launched myriads of games of all categories to serve all moods and interests. So choosing a game is not that tough as it was before. But these days, not all Android games are available for free to be played. Majority of Freemium bottlenecks tend to take place as the players become impatient. But still, there are present several free Android games that can be played comfortably without having to invest in any money.


Top Android-based free games

  • Alto’s Odyssey: This Freemium game is considered to be a natural choice featuring gorgeous graphics, simple mechanics and relaxing style. The players are required to ski down the hill, make huge jumps and avoid obstacles. Customized options are available to be traded against collected items. It boasts of having limited ads and offers good atmosphere and dark, gradient colors. It is developed by Noodlecake Studios.
  • Another Eden: It is a Freemium game and an exciting mobile JRPG. Its composer and writer are as the same as Chrono Trigger. There are numerous elements present in Chrono Trigger’s story, time travel to the different eras in history, smaller scenes and much more. The game can be termed to be a step above the standard mobile RPG. Rather than accepting missions, the player can roam about the game world along with his/her companions. Also, are provided simplified battle mechanics and gacha elements. With no energy, the player is allowed to play as much desired.
  • Brawl Stars: This Freemium is the latest hit game released by Supercell. It is rather a brawler having some MOBA and online multiplayer elements. The players can start the game along with few teammates, try to brawl with their opponents and win the game. Several game modes are present, including the straight brawl mode, where the player is to collect crystals. Also is present a bounty mode to beat some opponents on the team and a heist mode to steal opponent’s treasure. This game was considered to be among the biggest releases in 2018.
  • Asphalt 9 – Legend: This Freemium game has some popular racing games with Asphalt Xtreme and Asphalt 8: Airborne is among the biggest one of the series. In July 2018 was released Asphalt 9: Legends which is the most recent one and includes a bunch of challenges, 50 cars and lots of contents to indulge in. it also includes an online single player, multi-player, etc. The player is not allowed to control acceleration as it makes use of the auto-go mechanism. It has some social elements in it and the graphics are just fabulous.
  • Critical Ops: It is a first-person shooter Freemium game and among the very best. The player is to battle terrorists in different urban levels or play as terrorist if desired. It also allows multiplayer game mode.

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