Top 25 Signs You Need to Travel Right Now

Are you suffering from a serious case of wanderlust? If so, the only cure is to pack your bags and get on the road to somewhere exciting. Whether it’s a two-week beach break or year-long backpacking adventure is up to you.

If you’re experiencing more than three of the following symptoms, it’s time to book your next trip ASAP!


1. You spend way too much time staring at travel Instagrams

Seriously. You follow more travel accounts than you do actual people.

2. Work is becoming more unbearable than usual

The number of times you press ‘snooze’ on your alarm has increased significantly and your capacity for chit chat with your unexciting colleagues has decreased significantly.

3. Happy hour at your place is becoming a thing

You’ve taken to making your own pina coladas at home. Alone. And sometimes you play generic island music while doing so.

4. You eye tourists in your own city with envy

Damn their annoying wheelie suitcases and care free attitudes.

5. You’re starting to crave trashy beach reads

You bitched about Twilight and Fifty Shades, but now they don’t seem so bad.

6. You search for flight deals obsessively

To places that you have no immediate plans to visit.

7. Owning furniture starts feeling claustrophobic

And so does everything do to with having a home. Why own all of these pots and pans when you could buy a taco from a van on the street in Mexico?

8. Your reggae playlist is getting way too much airtime

Bob Marley is great, but playing his greatest hits on repeat is one step too far.

9. You can’t stop yourself from comparing things at home to things overseas

The pizza is better in Italy, everything is twenty times cheaper in South-East Asia, you don’t have to be on time in Central America. We know.

10. People are annoying you more than usual

Especially cheerful people.

11. Even your comfortable bed is annoying you

Why can’t you be sleeping on an overnight train through India instead?

12. Every day feels the same

Sleep. Eat. Work. Repeat.

13. Sunday nights are almost too much to bear

The realisation that the weekend is over hits you harder than usual these days.

14. Your reading pile consists solely of Lonely Planet guidebooks

No harm in reading up on those places you’re not going to, right?

15. You’re in a perpetual state of extreme nostalgia for your previous vacations

Seeing the old photos on Facebook hurts your heart, but you can’t stop looking.

The ability move a discussion from economic policy to tropical islands in one leap is one of your best talents.

17. Listening to other people’s travel stories is both infuriating and fascinating

You want to stop listening, but you just can’t.

18. Your friends have gently suggested that you maybe put on some fake tan

Being this pale can only be fixed with at least a week of non-stop beach time.

19. Travel bloggers upset you

Why are they getting paid to travel and you aren’t?!

20. Nothing feels exciting anymore

Not even pizza.

21. You’ve started purchasing a lot of maps online

And a compass. Just in case.

22. You have a general feeling of anxiousness about all the places you haven’t seen yet

‘If I haven’t even been to Paris, when will I ever make it to Mongolia?’ you may think on a regular basis.

23. You’re sick of everybody in your normal life

Social events never felt this boring before.

24. You feel discontent and restless

Your life kind of feels like a place holder until something better comes along.

25. Living out of a suitcase doesn’t seem that frustrating to you anymore

In fact, it sounds amazing!

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