Top 10 Social Networking Sites

What are the Top 10 Social Networking Sites is our ranking of the Top 10 Social Networking Sites?

Over the past decade, the top social media sites have seen a huge growth in popularity. There are not only kids and teenagers that are using these websites. Many people connect with their parents and their grandparents on these top social networking websites for free. Millions of people across the globe are on the top 10 social networking sites.

Top 10 Social Networking Sites


Facebook is the top social networking site of all time. This site allows you to upload photos, update your status, message friends, and post messages on their page. Facebook, originally called, The Facebook, was invented by a student who attended Harvard University. The site took off immediately and continued to grow from there. In the beginning, Facebook was only open to college students.

It started at Harvard, and soon, its creator Mark Zuckerberg began opening it up to surrounding colleges. Soon, the social networking site was open up to non-college students and people all over the world.

Many businesses use Facebook to get their name out there . There are companies out there who offer Facebook services to companies. They will make a Facebook page and post regularly as a form of advertising. When Who first created Facebook, there was a great deal of drama.

Two Harvard University students accused the creator, Mark Zuckerberg, of stealing their idea. In court, Zuckerberg settled for an undisclosed amount. There were two cases against Zuckerberg in the courtroom simultaneously.

The CFO and co-founder also took Zuckerberg to court after being ousted from the company. Who also settled that case for an undisclosed amount. Facebook is so famous that a major motion picture about how Facebook first started.


Twitter is a social networking site  that allows users to send and read messages called “tweets.” These tweets are short, only 140 characters long. Twitter was created in March 2006 and launched in July 2006. In 2013, Twitter was one of the top 10 most visited sites. Currently, Twitter has over 500 million users.

Many celebrities use Twitter so that their fans can keep up with their daily lives. Twitter is responsible for making the hashtag (#) one of the most widely used symbols. Before Twitter, Who used the hashtag a the pound key on the telephone and a symbol for the word number.


Linkedin is one of the top social networking sites for professionals. It was founded in December 2002 and launched on May 5, 2003. This site is one of the top social networking sites in 2013, with 259 million users in more than 200 countries as of 2013. The site is also available in 20 different languages.

Linkedin allows users to create profiles to create real-world professional relationships with coworkers, employers, and other professionals in your field. Users of this site can find jobs and business opportunities through people with who they are networking.

For example, job seekers often use this site to review the profiles of hiring managers to better prepare for interviews. When using Linkedin, you can bookmark jobs that you want to apply for, like and congratulate other user’s updates, and you can see who visited your profile page.


Pinterest is one of the top social networking sites to display your creativity and ideas . This site allows users to select an item, page, website, etc., and pin it to their board. It is a tool used for collection, storage, and sharing.

The items you save on your page are called “pins”. Many websites offer information and have a “pin it” button. By simply clicking the button, the information will be automatically uploaded to your board. Pinterest users can follow each other so that you can see what your friends and family are pinning. Pinterest is a great outlet to show off your interests and creativity.

You can also like your Pinterest page to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Over the past few years, Pinterest has become one of the top 5 social networking sites. As of February 2013, Pinterest had 48.7 million users, and that number has grown extensively since then.


Tumblr was created in 2006 by David Karp . It is a social networking and microblogging site. Tumblr users can post content and multimedia in short blog form. Tumbler’s dashboard is the primary page for Tumblr. It is a live feed of posts and blogs from people that you follow. You can post text, images, videos, quote, or links to your blog.

You can also share other people’s blogs. You can set up a schedule so that your posts can go over several hours or days. Tags (#) are a great way for your followers to find your posts easily. Currently, Tumblr hosts over 213 million blogs.


Instagram is a site that is used for mobile photo and video sharing and social networking. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and was launched in October 2010. Currently, there are over 300 million users.

Instagram allows users to upload photos and videos and follow others so that you can see their posts as well. In addition, you can link your Instagram account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to post the photos on those sites as well. Since the creation of Instagram, there has also been the creation of various trends.

  • Selfies : A selfie is a self-portrait taken with a cell phone or digital camera. Selfies gain the most amount of likes on Instagram.
  • Throwback Thursday : Throwback Thursday started on Instagram and has made its way to Facebook and Twitter. Each Thursday, you post an old photo and a hashtag #TBT.
  • Woman Crush Wednesday: Each Wednesday, you post a photo of the woman you have a crush on.
  • Man Crush Monday: Each Monday, you post a photo of the man you have a crush on.
  • Weekend Hashtag Project: The Instagram Community team comes up with a theme at the end of the weekend. You would take a photo that fits in with the theme.


VK is one of the largest Russian social networking sites in Europe.  Although VK is available in several languages, it is most common with Russian speaking users. Currently, VK has over 280 million users. Messaging is a widely used function on VK. You can send private messages to 2 and 30 people.

Private messages can include photos, videos, audio files, maps, and documents. You can also post news and magazine articles on your profile. There is a like button; however, while likes on Facebook automatically push the content to the user’s wall, a liked item on VK sends the content to a favourite private section. You can also synchronize your other social network accounts with VK.


Flickr is a website that hosts images, videos, and web services suites . Yahoo acquired it in 2005. As of 2013, Flickr had over 87 million users. Flickr offers three types of accounts. The first is free. This option allows you a limited amount of storage.

The second is ad-free. This account offers the same amount of storage. However, there are no annoying advertisements. Finally, there is a Double account. This type of account allows you to double the storage of the other two available. The photos Who can display you upload in a justified view, a slide show, a detailed view, or a data stamped archive.


Vine is a video sharing social network. It was founded in June 2012. Vine allows its users to record, edit, and upload five to six-second long videos. You can also refine or share your photos. You can also follow others, and they can follow you as well.

The videos which you post on Vine videos can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to look at videos uploaded by people you are not following, you can search by user name, theme, and trending videos.

With all of the social networking sites out there, it could take an entire day to keep up with all of them. So whether you are on one of the top social network sites or one of the less well-known sites, it is important always to use social networking sites safely.

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