Top 10 Latest Stylish Collar Blouse Design

There is lot of images of collar blouse design that help you get beautiful blouse. First its need to know what is difference between shirts and blouse.

Blouse design is traditional form. You can wear that blouse any party, wedding and any type of function. Neck of the collar blouse is more beautiful if its follows the proper design. There is lot of images of collar blouse design that help you get beautiful blouse. First its need to know what is difference between shirts and blouse.

Top is that clothes which cover half of your upper body. Blouse used to cover upper body part. Top usually used by ladies. It can be sweaters. Now explore shirts is also used to cover upper body parts of man it can be wear to open up the button of shirts then wear through your arm put first then second arm. Shirts and top both contain buttons to cover spaces in between flap of shirts and tops. Sleeve length can be varied and it can be half sleeves.

Blouse made from that type of fabric which is stretch easily because it tight in appearance. That type of blouse can be wear by any size of body. Number of design available in market which provide beautiful design of blouse. Hems and length also vary because of different taste of every woman.

As you see collection of blouse you ready to buy every blouse let’s see design of collar design of blouse:

If blouse is carry for saree and your style will unique after wear blouse with saree. Different type of design available in market if you want to add style in blouse then add collar on blouse. Now a days this become trend to collar design outfit. That’s game changer outfit completely change your look and add prettiest look of your outfit.

1. Collar blouse design

Collar blouse design

As new generation is talk about style and wanted to adapt new style not want to take old style. Modern collar design is that types of blouse provide unique style to your clothes. In this design tow strap attached in round form and connect to round neck of blouse. These provide unique style to design.

2. Stand collar design

Stand collar design

Any high school you can carry that look of blouse. This type of design looks royal and beautiful. Collar high stand. Neck can be V  and U shape neck deep neck and closed neck are parts of that blouse. This look great to watch and comfortable to wear. Its look hard to see but its fabric most smooth fabric which provide good absorption of sweats and provide coolness to your body.

3. Sleeveless design of blouse

Sleeveless design of blouse

As humidity and heat in environment so need to wear that reflect style and elegance. Sleeveless blouse with collar that blouse provides air to arms and sweats will less in that type of clothes. Pure cotton help to absorb sweats easily so feel more relaxed and comfortable that type of clothes. Curves and body can be flaunted in this type of blouse. It provides toned effect to body.

4. Chinese collar design

Chinese collar design

In this look you look so cute this ethnic style. Current Chinese looks as name suggest that this design carry small collar with detailed embroidery and that cover half of the blouse. Fabric colour matching with floral design in blouse. Embroidery is most important part of blouse your simple saree become more elegant because of your embroidery design. This design is in trend because it takes less time to stiches.

5. Polo neck design

Polo neck design

Polo neck design is going with saree. Exaggerated collar made from stretchy clothes because fitting of that clothes give a deep look to your toned body. Polo neck design neck is fully covered and slightly checked through saree design if saree design is collaboration with blouse design then easy to carry and give different type of confidence. After wear those types of clothes give good punch to your beauty.

6. Shirt style blouse design

Shirt style blouse design

Its best time when your clothing style come in trend and fashion. Shirt style collar provide you unique style that best collab of collar and shirt style blouse. As some heroin in Bollywood also carry that look like Tapsi Pannu and Kangana Ranaut carry that look in different occasion with beautiful saree. This is well known fact that saree is versatile garment and beautiful look design in world.

7. Mandarin style design

Mandarin style design

This is collared Chinese design its vary according to fabric of clothes. Collar stiff and short. If you enhance look in this style then need solid collar applied on fabric. Piping of blouse should be done and collab with metallic fabric that blouse best for nay festival and also for nay ceremonies in your family function that make you more attractive and beautiful.

8. Flap collar design

Flap collar design

This design is in trend collar will flap and this is 70s inspired look that collar folded and toward main body of blouse. Blouse sleeve up to elbow. Elegance and beautiful look can be magnifying beauty of yours. Saree should be your choice and blouse design according to your choice. That style mention by various designer in their list.

9. Necklace collar design

Necklace collar design

Your saree with necklace design in which design carry by you. If blouse backless then collar carry with unique style. Closed collar can also choose with different type of stones attached with blouse. A choker and necklace should be in your neck in this design necklace attached with blouse and those styles affect look of blouse. So it does be jewelled design. If talk about sleeves that would be long full arm. Hair style should be bun on hair that makes you more beautiful.

10. Full collar design

Full collar design

That style is preferred by most of the people who love to wear saree. Shape of body and age group create difference in full collar blouse design. Neckline look give you fancy and trendy look to your outfit. Neckline boat shaped and western style if you carry that style then easy to handle. This type of blouse you can carry in any weather and seasons also like summer and autumn.

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