Top 10 Free Calling Websites

Are you fed up with recharging your phone and resorting to ways that could help you make a call without any charge? Are you a person who is working all the time on the computer?

So we here provide you with the names of certain free calling websites that you can easily access for making free calls. Here we do not mean hangout or messenger call or computer to computer call but a call from computer to mobile phone.

In this technology-driven world, the invention of the mobile phone has been one of the useful inventions that we can think of.

Today we can see the mobile phone is everyone’s hand because it makes the life of a human being easy and comfortable. The reason for this great invention was communication.

Earlier there was only one way through which we could communicate was by sending handwritten messages either via post in the form of letters which used to take a lot of time or via telegram, fax and the oldest among all was sending messages via a carrier like a pigeon.

By these old methods, we could send limited messages and be of course time-consuming. So there was a need to develop a mechanism which could help people to have verbal communication and thus telephone came into being.

The importance of phone call

Nowadays we have people giving calling training. Usually, people find it funny. In certain kinds of industries if you do not have human communication that is a voice to voice with your customers with your prospects then you might find that your business is kind of not on the upswing.

Even though it is a digital world it is important to remember that one person talking to another in real-time may bring fewer mistakes to the relationship and insults than e-mail that is sent out or worse text that is cryptic because people may misinterpret it. So if you are in business then you need to think about this.

So here we enlist certain top free calling websites that can use. Using these websites you can freely make calls within and across national boundaries at any point in time without downloading any calling application.

The top 10 free calling websites are as follows –

Call Phone – Globfone


Globfone is the platform that allows the user to not only call but also provides the service of sending messages, video chat and also allows you to share files to anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

The advantage of using this website is that one does not require any application or software either to make a call or to attend the call.

We understand that for every business the topmost priority is keeping the information of its client safe so is the Globefone. The best part is that the globe one call provides its client with high-quality sound.

To make a phone call one just needs a good internet connection, contact number, and the country where the person is residing.



Call2friends is another website which is used to make free unlimited calls which would help you a lot if you run a business that requires dealing with customer constantly. This website allows you to make calls using any browser. Call2friend connects the call in just a few minutes.

This site also provides you the facility of recording your call which could be helpful for the people who are running a call center business so that no agent misbehaves with the client over a telephonic conversation.

The best part is that this website also has its application so if you like then you can register yourself and use it permanently. But the disadvantage is that the free calling websites facility is limited to some countries and for some time. As they give the best services to the customer who pays for making the call. The cost of making the call is usually cheap.

Just like the call2friend website, this website also allows the user to make calls to certain countries like India, United States, Pakistan, United Kingdom. The reason for not allowing free calls to certain countries is that these countries calling charges are usually high.

Ievaphone allows the user to make a limited number of calls that too for a short period. Though after every 24 hours the free calling minutes and chances revise and you can then use this site again to make free calls. is the cheapest website to make international calls. This website can be used in any device by downloading its application version.

We are familiar with the fact that human being is a social animal thus they need to communicate. So, call easy has come up with the facility that allows you to talk to people sitting miles away very easily. And if I say it is just a matter of one click. You just need to register yourself for making the free call.


Poke talk

Poke talk is another useful website that would make you tension free from a hike in phone bills due to international calls which cannot be avoided. This website allows you to make calls to 50 countries and you can make 50 calls in a month and the time limit for each call is 10 minutes.

Media ring talk

Media ring talk is another popular website known for the Free Calling Websites which is widely used. Using this website the user can make calls to eight countries US, UK, Canada, China, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, and Hongkong.

It is the VoIP service provider that allows users to make calls. If you are visiting the site the first time then you just make a call. I guarantee that you will like the calling and will be eager to register.

After registering you can use it on your mobile phone to make high quality, fast call across national boundaries that too free of cost. It not just helps in making a call but also helps you send a message, chat, and share files.



The next website is the Jaxtr that allows you to make free calls. But for using the calling feature from this website you need to register and then while making a call enter your number and then the number of the person you are calling.

Then this website gives you a number which you will dial from your number and then you can make a call to another person.

The last website that I will be discussing is webcalldirect. Apart from calling you can create your contact list on this website which can be very useful in making calls if you are into the business that requires calls frequently.

So these were the top 10 free calling websites. Hope this will help you if you looking for ways to call freely across national boundaries.

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