10 Tips to Prevent Migraine Headache

Are regular headaches not allowing you to attend night parties? Or do you wish to stay away from those disco lights in the club, as you can see them in your house when you have a migraine attack?

All headaches don’t show you flashy lights and won’t result in migraine headaches. (But having a migraine headache can pose a problem.) some tea or over-the-counter medicines often cure headaches due to the hangover of parties.

Migraine is a very painful headache, often affecting either side of your head. It’s just like migraine-like women more than men. Women are more likely to get migraine, but that doesn’t mean male has a sharp and healthy mind.

Causes of migraine headaches may include- emotional stress, lack of sleep, skipping meals, menstruation, schedule changes, bright lights, loud noise, etc. It differs from person to person; some might feel a headache after eating certain food items or even excess caffeine intake.

Migraineurs can feel the pain on one side near the forehead, eyes, or even in the neck. A migraine attack typically has four stages; Prodrome (Pre-headache), Aura, Headache, and Postdrome (Post- headache). Though not each patient suffers all the phases, a proper cure can help prevent migraines. Migraine headache treatment is all about how well you take care of yourself by staying calm.

As you have understood, migraine is the type of illness invited by you,

Here are some tips to prevent migraine headaches-

  1. Lowering your stress will help you keep your mind fresh and attentive.
  2. Reduce the dose of Hormonal medicines as it may result in nausea, headaches, etc.
  3. Regular exercise to keep the body healthy and fit is a must.
  4. Maintaining a record of your headache episodes can help your doctor clearly understand the problem.
  5. Plan a schedule for yourself; don’t miss out on enough time for sound sleep. As quoted by Benjamin Franklin, “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.
  6. Avoid skipping meals for no reason, like; dislike for certain food been prepared at home.
  7. Limit your intake of alcohol; hangovers can cause a headache.
  8. Reduce the intake of foods with saturated fats like; whipped cream, processed meat (e.g. sausages), and added sugar items.
  9. Foods rich in magnesium such as spinach, soy products, and seafood can help fight against migraines.
  10. Practising meditation, yoga, or even a relaxing massage on your neck and back can help.

It is said that ‘Migraines end in migraines’; living a healthy and stressless life is one of the best things you can do to prevent headaches.

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