Tips For Growing Black Hair Long

growing black hair long
growing black hair long

Many people with black hair usually find it quite daunting to grow their black hair. The black or Africa hair usually has a strong tendency of drying and this makes the growth of Growing Black Hair to be quite difficult. On the flip side of it all, you can just apply some changes in the routine of styling your hair and just make it possible to grow the black hair to some desirable lengths. There are two important things that you can do to make sure that you grow your hair. For starters, make sure that you keep the hair healthy and secondly, ensure that you reduce hair damage.

1. Keeping hair healthy

Keeping hair healthy There are a few tips that you need to keep in mind if you intend to keep your hair healthy. Taking down these tips and implementing them will overwhelmingly help grow your hair and make it possible to have healthy hair. There are key points you need to keep to ensure that you always have healthy hair.

  • Ensure that your hair is moisturized: This is the major point of achieving long grow black hair. Black hair is mostly tough and dry. This means that the oil from the root might take quite some time before it reaches the ends of the hair. It is important then that you try to keep the damaged and dry area of your hair in a good condition. This can be done by making sure that you use a conditioner after you shower. There are many conditioners on the market today and you can sample the best for your hair.
  • Apply oil to your hair: As mentioned earlier, it takes quite a very long time before the natural oils manufactured in the skull reach your hair. As such, you need to apply some oil on your hair to keep them healthy and help them grow. Castor oil is one of the oils that have been used for many years and it is actually good for growing the hair. The other type of oil that is good for hair growth is lavender oil. Moroccan oil is also good since it can achieve intense moisturization and help to detangle the hair.
  • Trim the hair: This might look somehow of the point, but it actually works. Your main aim is to grow hair and at times the loose hair ends might make it hard and actually slow hair growth. That is the reason you need to trim the hair quite often.
  • Take vitamins: Another important point that can help in the growth of once hair is to take vitamins and supplements that can aid in the growth of hair. There are so many vitamins and supplements that can aid in hair growth. One of such vitamins is Biotin. The vitamin helps to renew the hair cells thus making them grow faster. Vitamin B6 is another great vitamin for hair growth. It actually blocks testosterone from being supplied to your hair and thus making the hair thin and grow slowly.

2. Make sure your hair ends are protected

Make sure your hair ends are protected The hair ends receive very little natural oils and this means that they are quite brittle and susceptible to a lot of breakages. It is, then necessary that you look for a way to keep these ends safe. One way to achieve this is to keep the hair in a bun by using poppy pins. You should avoid using a rubber band since it can break the hair when you are removing it. Using braids also helps protect hair from further damage.

Avoid hair damage

  • The other key factor you need to put in mind is that your hair should be protected from damage. You can be able to avoid damage by making sure that you do not heat your hair. Heating makes the hair dry and brittle. If you have to heat your hair, then you should limit it to only once a week. It is also important that you avoid using dyes. Using Dyes is one of the major reasons hair keeps on breaking and gets dry. It is important then that you totally minimize the use of dyes on your hair.
  • As well as stress in life is one of the reasons you Growing Black Hair thin and slowly. It is important then to avoid stressful issues in life and always try to be happy.
  • In a nutshell, these are just some of the tips on how to growing black hair long. If you just keep them in mind, then you can find it quite easy to grow your hair long.


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