5 Most Effective Tips for Music Video Promotion on YouTube

It is not a secret that today YouTube is one of the most popular and biggest platforms. Usually, people prefer YouTube over other platforms. Now, it is one of those platforms, where it is possible to earn a lot of money. And most importantly, artists can become famous with YouTube. For example, Justin Bieber became famous for creating cover videos and uploading them on YouTube. So for artists, it is critical to upload music videos on YouTube and work hard on promotion. Below we have collected five effective music video promotion tips on YouTube.

In other words, this is called a call to action. So, add a link where your fans can download your music or purchase it. Or if you have a website, add the link to your website. Another option is to add the links of your social media accounts so that they can find and follow you. Try to add the link on top of the description section, so that everyone can notice it.

Grab the Attention of Your Audience from the First Couple of Seconds

We recommend you to start the video with a very interesting and catchy phrase. It is important for grabbing attention and make your audience watch the continuation. Try to deliver a message of what your music video is about. Your audience will get interested in what you are going to show them. Hence they may stay with until the end.

Use Different Tags and Add them to Your Videos on YouTube

It may not be a surprise for you if we say that tags are very important. With the help of tags, it will be easier for users to find your video. Choose the right keywords and make them a tag. You can use the song name, or the city, your name, etc. When users type or name, it will be easier for them to find a certain video if, in the name, there is a tag. Be careful so that you don’t misspell anything.

Pay Attention to Your Titles and Choose the Best One

When thinking about a title, try to choose something which is very simple. It is important to add song name and also your name and in addition to these certain keywords for search engines. If you choose something which is too hard to pronounce or remember, then people wouldn’t be able to find it on YouTube. So think about your title very carefully.

If You Have Time Try to Respond to the All the Comments

If you respond to your comments, your fans will think that their voice matters and that you appreciate them. Hence they will start to write more comments on your videos. You can ask a question in your video and ask your fans to answer in the comment section. This is also good for the YouTube algorithm. We know that answering comments can be very time consuming, but it is important, especially at the beginning of your career.

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