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phone background
phone background

I’ve always hated how boring my phone background is. It’s always been full of apps but lacking a more personal touch. I wanted to see exactly what it would take to personalize my phone so it reflects me in a way that I can easily change depending on my mood. Copying photos off the internet was a horrible option because the photo quality was never what I wanted it to be, which eventually let me to apps. Turns out, you can change your phone screen from boring to a work of art in one tap!

Eventually, I found my way to a website called AppGrooves, which lists the best 10 apps in a variety of categories. I, obviously, ended up on the wallpapers category. As I experimented with some of their recommended apps, I discovered that it’s really not hard to get creative and customize your screen with a truly excellent library of high-quality images! Whether I’m in the mood for cool, cute, funny, animated, gaming or nature photos, these phone wallpapers didn’t disappoint.

So I decided to write my own review here; only, instead of the traditional style of review, I thought I would provide you with a brief overview of the apps I liked best broken down into more niche categories: HD wallpapers & wallpapers with daily updates, and wallpapers with live animation.

HD wallpapers & wallpapers with daily updates

Finding the perfect wallpaper for your mobile device can actually be a really fun experience, and having the right selection of images to choose from makes a world of difference! With wallpaper apps, you can easily customize your phone, save wallpapers for future use, and discover new photos to choose from on a daily basis.

Apps: Backgrounds HD (Android) & Live Wallpaper & Backgrounds (iOS), Walli, Wallpapers (Android) & Moving Wallpapers HD (iOS)

Backgrounds HD is an app for Android users on which you can access hundreds of images from a variety of categories. Its iOS equivalent, Live Wallpapers & Backgrounds, is an equally good option for Apple users. What’s really nice is that both apps update their collection of wallpapers daily so you always have the most stunning photos to choose from. On the downside, Backgrounds HD & Live Wallpapers & Backgrounds have both had temporary issues after updating. However, recent upgrades have helped make the user interface more efficient, improved speed, and provided new photo categories.

Walli is another option for HD and 4K wallpapers. The images you’ll find with Walli are custom pieces of art created by a private collection of artists. You’re able to pick from anime wallpapers, follow your favorite artists, and discover works from all over the world. Just note that every now and then it can be a little slow. That being said, knowing that you are contributing to artists everywhere is surely worth a few extra moments of your time!

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Two more HD wallpaper apps to note are Wallpapers for Android and Moving Wallpapers HD for iOS. Wallpaper is an app by Google that allows you to access wallpapers of beautiful landscapes and scenery from Google Earth, Google+, and other sites. On the other hand, Moving Wallpapers HD is an animated and illustrated app of colorful scenes, creatures, and designs. Keep in mind: Wallpapers has had occasional reports of the app randomly changing a user’s wallpaper without being prompted. From my research, this is not a common occurrence, and the app developers have been notified of the bug, so it should be resolved shortly.

Wallpapers with live animation

Okay, so traditional images are tired and blase, what else can you try? I thought the same thing. I was tired of looking at the same motionless picture every time I opened my phone. I decided to try out wallpapers that move, which I was able to download right to my phone! I found that I enjoyed these quite a lot and they inspired me to start changing my background a little more regularly. It was honestly hard to choose just one!

Apps: Glitter live wallpaper (Android) & Live Wallpapers Forever (iOS), Transparent Live Wallpaper (Android) & Live Wallpapers Now (iOS), God Live Wallpaper (Android) & Live Wallpapers for Me (iOS)

If you’re looking for exciting wallpapers to add a little something extra to your phone, Glitter lives for Android gives you the choice of sparkling 3D animated backgrounds. You can also save any wallpaper as a still background image and get all the glitter without all the movement.

With Live Wallpapers Forever, a great option for iOS, you are able to search through multiple categories of both still and live backgrounds. There are occasional pop-up ads on Glitter live but they are easy to close in one tap. It’s also important to note that Live Wallpapers Forever does require a paid subscription for unlimited access to wallpapers after the seven-day free trial is finished.

In my experience, sometimes the coolest background is no background at all, which is why Transparent Live Wallpaper is so unique; it uses your phone’s camera so the outside world becomes your wallpaper. Live Wallpapers Now for iOS has new moving backgrounds to choose from every day that you can physically interact with, which is super unique. Some cons to keep in mind: a few users of Transparent Live Wallpaper have noticed that their phone gets a little warm to the touch while the app is in use. On the plus side, this won’t cause any long-term problems.

As for Live Wallpapers Now, some users have pointed out that there are pop up ads encouraging you to switch to the premium version. Annoying? Maybe. But it does have a fantastic selection of moving backgrounds.

If you want a religious experience every time you open your phone, God Live Wallpaper gives you access to beautiful, interactive and still wallpapers of Jesus. You also get heavenly music to accompany your wallpaper! Live Wallpapers for Me is great for those that want a truly high quality moving image. You can select backgrounds that have time lapses of nature scenes or colorful, swirling cosmos. Judging from the comments, users love seeing Jesus on their screen, but a few have noticed that it seems to make their battery drain quicker. And as with the other iPhone wallpaper apps, Live Wallpapers for Me also requires a subscription to get access to the full library of backgrounds.


As I discovered upon surfacing from an ocean of wallpaper images, there are actually a lot of really great app options out there. There is no limit to the cool, unique phone backgrounds you can choose from; the aforementioned apps just happened to be my ultimate favorites. If you want even more options for good phone wallpaper apps, I recommend you check out the others listed on a website I used to find my apps. I’ll include the link below to their best 10 wallpaper apps for your convenience!

Best 10 Wallpaper Finder Apps

I hope you’ll have a lot of fun finding a phone wallpaper that’s just right for you. I know I did.


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