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15 Signs That You Need To Quit Your Job


It’s perfectly normal to loathe the sound of your alarm clock on a weekday morning and wish you were on a tropical island somewhere far away instead of getting ready for work. We all have these thoughts every now and again, and that’s perfectly normal. But how do you know when the negative vibes you’re feeling on a routine basis mean that you should make a change and quit your job that’s leaving you unsatisfied?

If you’re experiencing any of the following quit your job, it could be time to hand in your notice.

1. You experience extreme dread thinking about work

Have you noticed that your Sunday night blues are becoming more extreme each week? We all have days where we’d rather stay in bed, but the thought of going to work shouldn’t consistently fill you with dread and ruin your time away from the office.

2. You’re not appreciated

If you’ve been denied well-deserved pay rises, are expected to work overtime with no compensation, or are treated with disrespect in the workplace, it means you’re not being treated as a valuable member of the team.

3. Complaining about work has reached unreasonable levels

Having a laugh about your annoying boss with colleagues is a normal and usually harmless activity. In fact, it can even help forge a bond with your co-workers. However, spending your entire lunch hour complaining on a daily basis is not healthy.

4. You live for the weekend

Everyone looks forward to Friday, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be enjoying your weekdays too. It may be time to make a change if you’re simply surviving during the week.

5. You’ve lost all passion or interest for your work

An interest in what you do each day is essential for remaining happy at work. All jobs have boring aspects to them, but you should be mentally engaged with the majority of what you are doing.

6. You have no respect for your boss

It’s nearly impossible to work for somebody when you have no respect for them. Why stick around with a boss who doesn’t know how to run the place?

7. Your boss acts like a crazy person

If your boss frequently sends verbal abuse your way, he or she isn’t acting rationally. If your boss manipulates or bullies employees, he or she may be crazy. You shouldn’t have to put up with that kind of behavior, so get out now.

8. You look for distractions in the workplace

Heading out for coffee and snacks at every opportunity, aimlessly chatting in the office pantry for too long, and generally doing everything in your power to avoid actual work is a sign that you may have lost interest in what you do.

9. You’re no longer intellectually challenged

You could have the best boss and co-workers in the world, great benefits, and an office close to home, but it’s not going to be enough if you’re no longer challenged by the work you do. Boredom, gratuitous snacking, and general dissatisfaction will linger until you’re engaging your brain again.

10. There’s nowhere to move

Whether it’s due to the size of the company or a manager who refuses to promote you, sometimes we reach the end of the line with our employer. When you can’t move up, or even sideways, there’s no point in hanging around any longer.

11. Work-related health problems have emerged

Has stress or boredom in the workplace started to affect your health? Weight gain, stomach ulcers, anxiety, and other types of depression are major signals that this job isn’t working for you.

12. Your job is starting to negatively affect your relationships

Maybe your partner is sick of hearing you complain about work. Maybe your kids miss having you around the house when you’re working very late. Either way, if your work is getting in the way of important relationships, something has to change.

13. You don’t fit in with the company culture

It’s difficult working in a team when you can’t make a connection with any of your colleagues. If that’s the case, you may want to consider looking for a company that fosters a more suitable culture for your personality.

14. Your company is a sinking ship

If cuts are being made and people are being laid off, it’s not a good indicator of business success. Rather than wait out a potentially fatal storm, start looking around for a new job so you’re not left without any options.

15. Your skills aren’t being utilized

Quit your job title may reflect the skills you were trained to use in the workplace, but if you’re constantly weighed down with admin, management, and other unrelated chores it’s time to move on to something else.

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