Should You Hire A Blogger To Promote Your Business?

There’s been a lot of buzz around the topic of blogging lately. Every corner you turn you’ll hear that even small businesses can benefit from a blog and content marketing strategy. If you’re thinking about starting a blog–or getting yours up and going again–you’re probably also wondering if you should hire a blogger to promote your business. But do you really need one? Read on to find out. How Can a Blogger Help You Market? Blogging is often seen as a source of revenue. But that’s not the case at…

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Why You Shouldn’t Pay Bloggers For Links (And What You Should Do Instead)

Have you ever offered to pay freelance bloggers to include your link in their guest posts? It seems like a logical trade. They have a relationship with a reputable site. Adding a bit of money to their next paycheck couldn’t hurt. All they have to do is include your link naturally in the post. No harm was done, right? Wrong. If you’ve been doing this, it’s something you should probably stop doing right now. Why You Shouldn’t Pay Bloggers for Links The thing about paying bloggers to include your link…

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How To Decide How Much Copy You Really Need On Your Home Page

Home Page

Not sure how much home page copy to include? That’s okay. You’re not alone. I’ve seen clients request 1,000 words per landing page when they only need 100 words or less to get their point across. When it comes to blog posts, 1,000 words or more is usually required to really dig deep into the topic and deliver value to your readers. A landing page usually doesn’t need as much of an explanation, so when it comes to home page copy, I’m a big advocate for the “less is more”…

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