5 Summer Hair Trends That Work At Every Age

Summer Hair Trends

The stylists know summer hair trends through and through at the Style Lounge Hair Salon in San Diego. The coastal city’s temperate weather makes it feel like summer most of the year, which plays a role in clients’ hair requests. Hairstyles dominate the season with lightness and ease that look naturally beautiful.

Our skin may change over time, but hair is one thing that can remain ageless. With a healthy lifestyle, proper care, and the right look, women of all ages can have hair that turns heads. Let’s take a look at a few summer  hair trends  that work on everyone at every age.

The Summer Hair Trends That Won’t End – Balayage Color

Balayage color is as popular as ever for one good reason – it’s universally flattering on everyone. The French-born painting technique on highlights that begin a few inches from the roots went mainstream stateside several years ago. Who can use it on the hair of all lengths to create more dimension and a softer transition from dark to light?

Balayage is different than ombre. The goal is to give hair a sun-kissed appearance with highlights that look like they were created naturally. Most women love the effect and the fact that balayage color is effortless to maintain.

Brazilian Blowout Perfection

During the summer, you’ve got so many things going on wrestling with unruly hair can be a serious hassle. The sleekness of Brazilian hair straightening looks fantastic no matter what season it is, but during the humid summertime, the extra taming help. It’s a godsend for gals that have to deal with frizz daily.

The chemical treatment requires the careful application to avoid damaging hair rather than improving it. You can expect each Brazilian hair straightening treatment to last about 3-4 months. Get one at the start of summer, and you’ll be covered the entire season.

The Messy Bun

When it’s hot outside, a mess of hair can make the temperature seem even higher. The solution – a messy bun. It’s still as relaxed as summer itself but looks effortlessly chic on any woman. Another high note is Who can achieve it at home or the salon.

Think your hair isn’t thick enough for a big beautiful bun? Then use a sock! Seriously, this trick can help fill out the skimpiest bun.

Cut the toe end off of a mid-calf sock that’s close to your hair color. Next, roll the hose so it makes a donut shape. Next, put your hair in a high ponytail and pull the end of the pony through the hole of the sock. Now wrap the ends of your hair around the hose and start to roll it down to the base of the pony. It may take a few times to get the hang of it, but ultimately your hair will cover the sock that’s giving your bun heavy volume.

Alternative for short hair: messy half-up bun or pony. This style works slightly better for shoulder-length hair and is a new take on the whole bun.

Carefree Waves With a Bit of Polish

Beachy waves are a summer staple that lets natural beauty shine. The style feels so easy and carefree you can’t help but loosen up a little. The texture is also a big trend for 2019, so waves are guaranteed to be hot this summer hair trend.

While the style is meant to be messy, hair should be well conditioned and tangle-free before texturizing. If Who blessed you with naturally wavy hair, you can achieve the look with the right products and a bit of scrunching or a few hours with your hair up in knots (tiny buns). Sisters with straight hair will need a hot tool to get beachy waves. No matter how you get your locks, a trick of the hair trade is to use cream to give the style a polished look.

A Statement Part

Going bold with a deep part is a trend being embraced by women of all ages. One easy way to make a statement as part of this summer hair trend is to add a braid. First, create a deep interest, and then incorporate a French braid on the shallow side. Pin the end of the braid at the nape of the neck, so it flows into the rest of the hair rather than bluntly ending with a hair tie.

The addition of a braid will inject a healthy dose of youthfulness into your hairstyle without skewing too young. This style can also be swept into a side pony for a more relaxed look.


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