Warning! Stop Eating Tilapia ASAP Before It’s Too Late

For most of you who like eating fish and seafood, hands up for the tons of nutrients that you are getting. It has been well known that eating fish and seafood is healthy and beneficial for every body organ and muscle.

However, since we live in the 21st century, the food we eat is not as it was in the past. A lot of GMO has gotten into the whole picture and some “new” chemicals which literally destroy the nutrients of the food.

Tilapia is the world’s second most farmed fish (the first is carp), and the fourth most consumed seafood in the US. This kind of fish is one of the most inexpensive ones and most sold on the market. It can be found anywhere starting from grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants, etc.

Since it is available everywhere, in recent years, tilapia has become a standard component of the American diets. Tilapia has even been known under the name “aquatic chicken” because it breeds easily and tastes bland, and many a times it even tastes like mud, according to the environment it was raised in.

What is it about farmed tilapia that is harmful?

Since tilapia has been widespread over the market, most of the time this type of fish is farmed. And by being farmed it means that it has been brought to your dinner table going through the industrial process of adding GMO and other artificial materials.

Farmed tilapia is greatly fed with GMO corn and soy pellets which go into the meat of the fish and afterwards you ingest it. On the other hand, wild tilapia eat a diet rich in lake plants and healthy algae, which are totally natural. Those are turned into the actual meat of the fish and therefore you ingest healthy food.

However, as we have emphasized earlier, wild tilapia is hard to get, and even though if some restaurants or markets may sell wild tilapia, you may never be sure if it really is wild or farmed.

So, farmed tilapia, when introduced to your body, it can cause a lot of abnormalities because of the unnatural and artificial ingredients in its content. Health problems and diseases will definitely arise once your body is loaded with a type of food it cannot digest.

Research has shown that the most common health risks that you may confront if you keep on eating farmed tilapia, are the following:

1. Increased Risk of Cancer

Knowing the fact that fish which are farmed and fed with GMO and waste materials, we shouldn’t be shocked when we see the statistics. According to recent studies, people eating farmed tilapia are 10 times more likely to get cancer, compared to those who eat wild tilapia.

The food that tilapia fish are fed with is basically chicken feces and a transfer of the pigs and duck waste. Therefore, you shouldn’t be taken by surprise when you see the death rates of cancer in people whose diet consists mainly of tilapia.

2. Increased Inflammation

Inflammation has been closely connected with a variety of diseases that follow afterwards. Some of them are the autoimmune diseases such as: arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease; and others, such as: heart disease and asthma.

Some heart disease patients may have incorporated eating tilapia, since at the beginning they have considered the fact that it is a fish and fish is always healthy.

However, once you look more into the whole situation and get the real picture maybe you will change your whole perspective about eating tilapia and getting your omega-3 elsewhere. Instead of loading yourself with tons of GMO and chemicals from farmed tilapia, you should rather choose something else for lunch or dinner.

Sometimes the homemade burger may even be better than the chemically “enriched” tilapia. So you should definitely think twice before making a choice.

3. Exposure to antibiotics and pesticides which will weaken your immune system

Any type of meat, including fish is massively fed with  antibiotics and pesticides since they have to endure the harsh conditions under which they are being farmed. Therefore, tilapia fish can even induce an illness or an inflammation in itself which will later on be automatically transmitted to the consumer. The antibiotics which fatten the tilapia fish will end up inside your body.

Antibiotics will definitely destroy all the probiotics in your body( which is the flow of good, useful bacteria in your body) and will lastly wreak your immune system.

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