Stop Bullying Speak Up

Stop Bullying Speak Up

Stop Bullying Speak up is the golden rule that everyone should follow to end Bullying. Bullies will see that society won’t tolerate them if everyone follows this mantra. The campaign “Stop Bullying Speak up” aims to show parents, teachers, and kids the many ways they can raise awareness about bullying prevention. These methods are easy and practical. Simon & Schuster has teamed up with Cartoon Network to promote this highly successful national anti-bullying campaign that promotes compassion and humility.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network launched the “Stop Bullying Speak Up” campaign to encourage passive bystanders and stand up for bullied children who are unable to. This campaign offers many opportunities to stop bullying and participate in the global fight against Bullying. Cartoon Network is the fifth most popular cable channel in America and one of the top satellite TV networks. It aims to empower everyone who wishes to participate in the global anti-bullying movement by promoting this campaign. Participation in “Stop Bullying Speak up” can be done through a variety of methods:

#1) Pledge

Anti-bullying pledges comprise cornerstones in the fight against Bullying. Anti-bullying pledges vary from signing a petition for ending Bullying in your community, donating a dollar every day during the National Bullying Prevention Month, to supporting a certain anti-bullying campaign by posting a series of videos or audio clips online to raise awareness on the consequences of Bullying.

“Stop Bullying Speak Up” encouraged all Americans to make pledges to end Bullying and encourage parents, children, and teachers to do the same. You become an ambassador for the cause you are pledging to support. It’s a way to show your friends how great it is to sign an anti-bullying pledge. They will be motivated to join the anti-bullying pledge and encourage others in their circle. This is how an anti-bullying pledge succeeds.

#2) TV Commercials

Cartoon Network arranged a series of commercials and TV spots intended to appear in breaks between their series. These commercials involve animated characters from the network’s original series, encouraging people to participate in the “Stop Bullying Speak Up” campaign.

Johnny Bravo, Chowder, Dexter, PowerPuff Girls, and many more characters appeared on TV spots to interact with kids who already responded positively to the campaign and answered the pledges.

#3) Campaign

Launching the “Stop Bullying Speak Up” campaign has encouraged more and more people to create their sub-campaigns.

There are some amazing stories about people starting a small campaign in memory of a loved one who was a victim of Bullying. It can start as an anti-bullying event at your school or community college. The great thing about these campaigns is that everybody could be a part of them. All you need is a solid sense of motivation and a touch of creativity, and you can start right away.

#4) Videos

When Cartoon Network issued a call-to-action message and challenged its viewers to send one million videos to include in their “Stop Bullying Speak Up” campaign, they were surprised. Over 1.1 million kids, parents, teachers, and more became part of the video feature and shared their anti-bullying messages. The videos varied from sweet to bitter, sad to uplifting, humorous to emotional. The videos included messages from notable public personas, including celebrities, government officials, and sportspeople.

Some people took the liberty to put a small twist on the video theme. There were short movies, comedy sketches, songs, poems, and plays. Teens challenged one another to see who would make the best video. Everyone was in for the primary goal of stopping Bullying by speaking up about it whenever faced with such a situation.


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