Small Business Resource Review: Moo Business Cards

Are Moo business cards worth paying a little extra for? I'll tell you why I think the answer is yes -- plus give you a little discount off your first order

Most of what I talk about here is online marketing — after all, your online presence is kind of my schtick.

But while there are tons of amazing resources out there for growing your presence and your brand in the online world, sometimes, you just need something in your hand and an in-person interaction to get your business where it needs to go.

Nine times out of ten, that something is a business card.

Now, I’m the first to admit, I’m pretty terrible when it comes to having moo business cards on hand. I’ve changed my website several times, changed my target audience, poured my energy into online marketing… all of which have left me with useless business cards languishing forgotten in drawers, then thrown out when I’ve moved.

But recently I’ve begun doing more speaking engagements and workshops, which means I need a little something to hand out to interested participants (ie, potential new clients) at the end of the session.

I’ve also had a number of conversations in coffee shops about what sort of writing I do, then felt really awkward when the other person asks for a business card and I don’t have one. #selfemploymentfail

So I took the plunge and ordered a swanky new set of business cards, and I loved them so much that I had to share them with you.

In the past, I’ve ordered cheap business cards in bulk, but this time I wanted to step up my professional game a little and choose to order from

Moo has a lot of options for various marketing materials, including postcards, notecards, letterhead, and flyers. Since my in-person marketing needs are limited, I went with a straightforward set of moo business cards.

Pros Of Moo Business Cards

Moo has tons of options to choose from for the type of business card you order: regular size, tiny cards, large cards, glossy, and the option I choose: green. The fact that they even had this option was one of my favorite things about the whole process.

The green business cards are made from recycled paper and come in recycled packaging. As someone who tries to be environmentally conscious, the idea of moo business cards always gives me pause. It’s hugely comforting to know that I have an eco-friendly option to choose from!

My other favorite thing about the moo business cards from Moo was the Printfinity option. This allows you to upload as many as 50 different designs to be printed on the back of your cards. Loved it!

You can get creative here: different color options, photos of your work, testimonials from clients… It’s a great way to add a little unexpected, unique marketing to something that is usually plain, boring, and straightforward. I went with five different backs, each featuring a tip to help small businesses create a stand-out online presence.

They also have pre-made designs you can choose from, or you can upload a single design to be used for every card.

Moo also had fantastic communication — from a pdf proof of what the cards would look like, to tracking information, to follow up emails checking to make sure I was pleased with my product and had a good experience ordering. I also really appreciate their branding and tone: playful, modern, but still serious enough that you’d feel comfortable talking to a representative about any questions or concerns.

Cons Of Moo Business Cards

They are not cheap. They are not absurdly expensive either, but you’re not going to get the sort of 500 cards for $10 deal that you’ll find somewhere like VistaPrint.

I paid $22.99 for 50 cards, because the green option is a little more expensive. If you get the original moo business cards, they start at $19.99 for 50. When you increase your order size, the price per card drops. I stuck with just 50 for my first order, though, since I didn’t want to end up with 300 business cards that no longer fit my business and couldn’t be used. (Been there before, in case you were wondering!)

For the quality you get I think the price is reasonable, but if you are on a tight budget, or literally just want a small piece of cardstock with your contact info to hand out, you can always stick with something cheaper like VistaPrint. I’ve used VistaPrint before, and I think their products are a solid choice! But the quality of the Moo cards was much higher, and I loved the recycled green option.

I wanted to make sure my cards arrived within a week, so I ended up paying $19.95 in shipping to get them in five days. Totally worth it, because I had an event coming up that I needed them for, and the business that I got from people following up with me afterwards MORE than made up for the cost of shipping. BUT if you want to keep your costs down, you should plan ahead better than I do.

Final Verdict

I was thrilled with the way my business cards from Moo turned out, and to me the higher cost was worth the very clever, professional finished product. Having them in my wallet and my laptop bag makes me feel instantly more professional — and that is a feeling that anyone who is self-employed knows to value!

I plan to order another batch as soon as I run out. That might not be too far away, since I’ve already been handing them out like crazy: to workshop participants, at coffee shops, pinned to the bulletin board at my local library.

If you’re interested in brand new, swanky-looking, feel-like-a-pro business cards, I definitely recommend ordering from Moo.

I love knowing that I have professional looking business cards in my wallet once more, just in case!

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