Top 7 Signs Of Depression In Women

signs of depression in women
signs of depression in women

What is depression and how to treat it, must read

Depression that is also called stress and anxiety is very common these days and almost every individual has become the victim of this problem. Now you may ask what depression is. Let me guide you about depression. It is a state of the mind in which the normal thinking process of the person deteriorates and the person becomes become depressed and stressed.

Depression is common in both men and women but, a woman has become more victim of this threat as compared to men. Now you can ask that in which way we can guess or analyze that a particular woman is in depression. Here are a few signs and symptoms that will be helpful in analyzing the signs of depression in women

Persistent sad mood

A common sign of depression that has been reported in women is a persistent sad mood. If women have no emotion even at the happiest time or event and if she shows you know happiness at any good news it means she is in depression. You can also check the level of depression in women. For example, if she shows no happiness at her most desirable time period of the year it means she is under great depression and there is a need to overcome her depression so that she can also enjoy her happiness.

Loss of interest in activities

If a woman has loosened her interest in her most desirable activities including sex, it means she is depressed. A lack of interest in her most pretty habits is also a sign of depression.

Excessive crying

A very common symptom that has been observed in depressed women is excessive crying habits. it is because too much crying is not a normal habit and excessive crying at even small things is a signs of depression in women.


The restlessness of women is a very common sign of depression. If a woman is continuously under depression and if she has no interest in taking rest and if the eating habits of the women are also not normal it means that she is depressed.

Too much sleep

If a woman takes too much sleep we can call it as depression because during depression stage comes when the victim person wants to escape from the situation. She wants to hide from the stage and too much sleep is the only solution to this scene. Therefore she wants to sleep too much so that she can relax her mind and thinness.

Too less sleep

It is the opposite condition of too much sleep. If a woman is not having a normal sleep it means she is depression. In this situation, she cannot hide from depression and she even cannot face the situation. She becomes restless and sleepless.

Irregular thought

The most important sign by which we can conclude that a woman is in depression is her irregular thoughts. For example, she may think of death and suicide that is not a normal thought.

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