How to Repair PST File – a Complete Solution

This blog will help users to repair PST file without any data loss and within minimum time as well. This tool is highly secure and reliable at the same time.

Looking to solve the PST file corruption issue and haven’t been successful yet. Check out this blog because here you will deep knowledge about the different reasons for the corruption and the solution to repair PST files via Microsoft free tool and third-party software.

No matter the corruption level, the inaccessibility of data is what makes users worried about. PST is a file format which Outlook supports, and it is responsible for storing the complete data of Outlook. But at many times, due to certain issues, the integrity of the PST file comes in danger. However there are many reasons for corruption, but it is essential to repair PST file at the earliest.

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The purpose of bringing this blog is to educate users who are dealing with the corrupted PST file. Here, users will get insights about the reasons and solutions to make the PST file healthier.

Why does a PST file get corrupted? Know Reasons

Many users are curious to know about the most probable reasons which can make their PST files corrupted. Below, we have showcased a list of some of them, which will give you a clarification.

  • Any third-party app download from a non-authorized or non-trusted platform can bring viruses to the system, which can impact the PST files.
  • PST files, irrespective of the fact that they were generated through any Outlook version, have a size limitation to store data. If that limit hits, then the chances of corruption become higher.
  • If the PST file is present on the bad sector of the hard drive, there can be bad consequences for the PST file.
  • While working with the Outlook program and if PST file is in use users abruptly closes the system.

Methodologies to Fix Issue Corruption from PST Files

You can make use of the Microsoft inbuilt utility ScanPST.exe to repair PST file and the working procedure of this utility can find below:-

However, before starting the procedure, there will be a need to locate it. The location of Scanpst.exe will solely depend upon the Outlook version. So, users can find the utility on the location depending upon the Outlook version they are using.

We have shared the method by following it is an easy process to repair Outlook PST files:-

  • Double-click on the ScanPST.exe after finding it in the desired location.
  • Now, use the browse the browse button to add the desired corrupted PST file. Click on the Start button in order to initiate the process to scan the Outlook PST file for corruption.
  • Once the ScanPST.exe completes the scanning, kindly create a backup of all data before moving further. Also, click on the browse button to set the location to save the backup file.
  • At the end, click the repair button to remove the corruption from the PST file.

Limitations of the Scanpst.exe Utility to Repair PST file

  • This utility cannot repair PST file which exceeds 2GB in size.
  • Users cannot repair the PST files which have major corruption.
  • There is so surety that the recovered PST file will have the complete data.
  • To repair multiple files, users need to run the process again and again separately.

So, to deal with the large-sized corrupted PST file and to overcome the drawbacks of the Scanpst.exe, users need for users to go with an alternative tool to repair Outlook 365 in an hour.

Better Solution to repair corrupted PST files

As of now, we have a manual utility to repair PST files, but somehow, that utility fails to deliver exceptional results. The limitations include the inability to fix a severely corrupted file, which causes users to look for other solutions. So, now we will be introducing one solution which outclasses others. Shoviv Outlook PST repair tool comes with a unique and easy-to-use user interface.

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Using this solution, users can repair their multiple PSTs without worrying about their size. Also, users who don’t possess enough tech skills can easily use the software. Even the software is capable to recover the hardly deleted items of the PST files.

Users can also use the incremental export option, which will work whenever the user resumes the process, and due to it, the software makes sure to only process newer items. It also offers the data filtration option, which facilitates users to selectively process the items based on various filter criteria.

Easy steps to repair PST file via third-party app

Kindly follow the steps given below to repair Outlook 365 quickly:-

  1. After installing the software, kindly find the software shortcut and double-click on it to open it.
  2. Now, kindly click on the Add PST files from the ribbon bar.
  3. In the Export Item in the PST window, select the folder as well as the subfolder to process.
  4. Select the option whether you require a newer PST or want to export the item in the existing PST file. Also, do enable the incremental export option. After that, click on Next.
  5. Users can now use the data filter option, which helps to process the data based on the selected filter criteria.
  6. Here, users can apply the folder mapping option to map the source folder to the target.
  7. After completing the above steps, click on the OK button, and after that, the software will start repairing the PST files.


Outlook PST can face corruption due to multiple issues like oversized size, viruses on a system, and many more. But, importantly, you need to think that you require a solution to repair PST files, which we have covered in this write-up. Whether using Outlook’s older version or the 2021 version, it is equally important to understand the solution to remove corruption. If your PST file is facing minor level corruption, you can still look for ScanPST.exe, but if your PST is severely corrupted, you can use the software explained here. The Outlook PST repair tool discussed here comes with a demo version will allow users to repair their PST file but will only process the first 50 items/folder.

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