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how to go to sleep

How to Go to Sleep Peacefully

Good sleep is more than just good for your mind and body. A good night's sleep can reduce your risk of developing diabetes and...
Sleep Walking

Sleep Walking

Many children sleepwalk during the deep stages of sleep at night. Sleep walking behavior can range from harmless to dangerous. It can be not...
good nights sleep

6 Ways a Good Night’s Sleep Can Boost Your Health

Chances are, you’re not sleeping enough. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, up to 35% of adults occasionally have insomnia, with an...
Can't Sleep

Can’t Sleep? Tips and Advice for a Good Night’s Rest

Can't Sleep? From time to time, everybody experiences some difficulty sleeping. Yes, it can be frustrating, but as long as it's not happening regularly, you've...
Sleep Paralysis

What is Sleep Paralysis and What Causes It?

What is sleep paralysis? Have you ever woken up only to find that you are unable to move your body? This feeling is attributed...

Sleepwalking: Myths, Truths and How-Tos

Sleepwalking is a sleep disorder where the sleeper arises from the slow-wave, deep sleep stage and performs tasks that only a conscious person does....
Fear Of Sleep

Fear Of Sleep: Causes, Solutions and Complications

Who can notice sleep problems at any time during the teenage years and into adulthood? The sudden fear of sleep could be due to...
Natural Sleep Aids

All About Natural Sleep Aids

According to the National Sleep Foundation, we all need at least 6-10 hours per night. This amount can vary depending on the individual's needs...
Vivid Dreams

Vivid Dreams: Meaning of Different Dreams During Sleep

Vivid dreams include those, which are delightful and fantastic, and those, which are terrifying. For many people, no memory of dreams exists upon waking....
Sleeping On Long Flights

14 Tips For Sleeping On Long Flights

Wouldn’t it be great to take a long haul flight and not have to worry about sleeping through the first three days of your...