Riding the Denver to Moab Train

The Experience

Riding a train to explore the countryside is a unique experience that you do not get from taking a car or airplane. You get to see things that you would not normally see if in a car or plane. This is a luxury experiences that you cannot get from other forms of transportation. Travelling by train is an experience that not many people have in today’s culture of driving or flying to where you need to be.

Rocky Train Vacations

Rocky Train Vacations offer many different types of train experiences, and you will have fun on any of them. Read more at rockytrain.com to know more about the “Denver to Moab” tours. They have all the information that you need to get started on your vacation. These trips can be as short as two days or as long as nine days.

One of the most popular trips is the two-day trip from Denver, Colorado to Moab, Utah. This trip is a short trip, but you can experience the Colorado River, many canyons, and the Continental Divide. You will also get to enjoy luxurious amenities provided to you, including drinks and meals. There is more information below to help you to decide if this is the trip for you.

Day One and Two

On the first day of your train trip, you will depart Denver in afternoon allowing you to be able to see all the beauty of the area as you leave. The train has large, full-size windows that allow you to take in all the gorgeous scenery. It will also tell you a little bit of the history of this wonderful city.

On the first day of your experience, you will be offered drinks that are included in your price – even alcoholic drinks. Later in the evening, you will have a multiple course meal that will be what you expect from a luxury restaurant. You can eat while you enjoy the wonderful scenery around you. If you upgrade, you will also enjoy the outdoor viewing platform.

Later that evening, you will pull into Glenwood Springs and spend the night at an awesome hotel. Glenwood Springs has lots of history that you will want to learn about before you stay there for the night. You will get a good night’s sleep and be ready get back on the train early in the morning. You will enjoy a delicious breakfast as you take off for the second leg of your journey. You will travel all day and end up in the wonderful town Moab, Utah.

During the journey, you will pass the Continental Divide, see wonderful canyons and deserts, and natural archways. You will see tall columns of weathered rock that are also called hoodoos. You will also experience the Colorado River as it travels near the railroad tracks. You will experience things that you can only see from the train.

Seeing things from the train gives you a view that is difficult to see from a car or plane, and things that you want to see. You will see wildlife that is scarce in other places, maybe a bear or deer. You will also see natural wonders that you cannot see otherwise.

One of the canyons that you will experience is the Glenwood Canyon, a canyon that climbs to a height of about thirteen hundred feet. You can learn more about Glenwood Canyon here: https://www.codot.gov/about/CDOTHistory/50th-anniversary/interstate-70/glenwood-canyon. The canyon is barely wide enough for the Colorado River, the train tracks and the interstate that goes nearby. This is the largest canyon in this part of Colorado, and it is a beautiful site to see.

Another canyon that you can see from the train, and not from a car, is Gore Canyon. The canyon is too narrow for roads to get there, so this is a unique experience for the train traveler. The canyon is gorgeous, and you will not regret seeing it. Take lots of pictures to help you remember its beauty. The Gore canyon is also home to some of the best river rapids in the world.

The river rapids are some that you might best see from a white-water raft trip, but you can see them from the train and get an idea if you would like to see them closerat a later date. The canyon is beautiful, and pictures just do not give it justice.

You will also get to experience the Moffat Tunnel, one of the best engineering accomplishments in history. It was completed in 1928 after working on it for five years and was named a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark because of the engineering work it took to build it. It is a landmark that lastsfor six miles and one that you must see for yourself.

Day One and Two

The Luxury

The train is special because of the windows that surround it, allowing you a panoramic view of the canyons and the river. You will get to see a variety of wildlife and people who are on the river or farming the land near the train.

The seats are luxurious, as well, allowing comfort only found in the finest furniture. Although they are very comfortable, they do not allow you to lean back much, but that is okay, they are very spacious. This allows you to have your dinner and drinks in them very comfortably.

The meals and drinks are included in the price of the tickets, and this includes your cocktails. The meals are elaborate multicourse meals that include salads, the main course, and desserts, bread and fruit and a main course for breakfast.

Denver and Moab

While the train ride itself is what the trip is all about, Denver and Moab also have many things for you to do while you are there. You can investigate the other activities that are available in each of the cities, there will be something for everyone.

In Denver, you will have the opportunity to rent a bicycle and ride the trails. To get more information about Denver, be sure to check out this website that will give you that information. Riding downtown will allow you a view of the Rockies. In Glenwood Springs, you can investigate the springs that give the town its name. In Moab, you can visit the wonderful canyons that are nearby, a must see for any visitor to Moab.


Riding the train from Denver to Moab will be quite the luxurious trip, allowing you the comfort of a high-dollar hotel combined with the wonderful trip itself that allows you to see all the natural wonders of Colorado and Utah. This is a short trip, but one that you must take if you want to see this part of the country.

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