What Are The Qualifications And Responsibilities Of A Singaporean CA?

Singaporean CA

To become the accountant of the future earning a Singapore CA qualification can be of much higher value.

Opting for professional courses offered in Singapore is a great choice for students who want to establish themselves as business leaders who are in demand across the world.

Read this blog post to find out more about this unique position that that being a chartered accountant feels like and how opting for professional accountancy qualifications in Singapore can help you obtain a deep cross border knowledge and a strong international outlook.

What does a chartered accountant job description in Singapore consist of?

To become a highly qualified chartered accountant who can catch the eye of almost any recruiter you must be efficient regarding the implementation of accounting systems and processes, controlling the master data of the general ledger, preparing monthly financial reports and ensuring compliance with the state revenue Service.

Besides you are also expected to possess excellent oral and written communication skills, a stable working track record and a good grounding in the broad spectrum of accountancy practices.

Lastly, you must have studied and activated the course and be certified with a relevant governing body or association.

Following are some of the basic chartered accountant requirements that can be commonly observed in Singaporean job portals:

  • A bachelor [honours] degree in accounting
  • Completion of published articles
  • Post article experience of a minimum of five years
  • Certified public accountant [CPA] qualification
  • Registration with activation or accredited statutory body
  • Experience in providing financial advice, tax practising and filing of corporate tax returns

How does studying professional qualifications programme in accountancy from Singapore help you in your career path?

Qualified Chartered Accountants are considered critical and trusted advisors to the success of a business.

The national CA qualification developed by the Singapore Accountancy Commission [SAC] is internationally recognised as a qualification that imparts cutting edge technical skills.

Our professional accountancy course is integrated with the curriculum that helps you learn about all the elements that meet the need of not just a Singaporean but also the entire Asian market.

Here are some of the chartered accountant responsibilities that you are expected to conduct regularly within the workspace.

  • Overseeing the duties performed by the accounting team members
  • Implementing accounting processes and systems
  • Preparing monthly financial reports
  • Reconciling daily income statements
  • Analysing the master data of the general register
  • Ensuring compliance with state revenue service
  • Relieving and releasing online banking payments
  • Providing reporting and accounting support
  • Preparing an expense budget report
  • Managing the entire financial process on behalf of the company


Earning a professional certification and accountancy from Singapore can help you gain access to career options in any industry, eventually leading to C-suite roles and director positions within the field of accountancy, finance and business.

Visit our website to sign up for the programme today and cherish the opportunity to learn with students coming in from different backgrounds and interact with established chartered accountant professionals from across the world.


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