Reiki Stones: How to Use Reiki Stones For Chakra Healing

Many resources and tools are available to us when it comes time for healing. There are very few resources and tools that will align your whole body for healing. It’s called energy healing, and the easiest way to have all of your energy centers aligned is through chakra healing. Chakra healing is a science that we have explored in other articles. Be sure that you catch our feature on the science of the 7 chakras to get a strong grasp on the subject!

There we talked about how a chakra pendulum can help align your 7 chakras. Today we will talk about another tool that can do the same thing, Reiki stones! Here’s a practical guide on how to use Reiki stones for this very same purpose. Whether you use them in conjunction with your chakra pendulum, or use Reiki stones for chakra healing on your own, is your choice! Both methods will work! And when it comes to chakra healing with Reiki stones, there is a very specific way that you can do it, without being a Reiki practitioner yourself. Here’s how to do it!

Reiki Stones and Healing

Reiki Stones and Healing

There are many ways you can heal with Reiki stones. It is similar to how some Reiki practitioners perform hand healing. You don’t need to be a licensed therapist if you own your set of Reiki Stones. Your chakra healing is possible!

By laying the Reiki stones on your chakras, you can align and activate their energy centers. You will feel a surge of energy as you release the energy from your chakras and start healing. These stones are fantastic! Learning how to work with them is simple.

Root Chakra – Red

The root chakra energy center is located at the base of our spine and rules our basic needs. If you are having problems with money or basic survival, healing with the root chakra will help you feel better about things. The colour red represents this chakra. Thus, the red Reiki stones will be used for this chakra. One or two of these stones will be the ones to use for this healing. Simply place one near the top of each of your legs while you are lying down. Meditate and try to clear your mind of any distractions while you focus on this work. 30 minutes with your Reiki stones will help to engage these energy centers.

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Sacral Chakra – Orange

The sacral chakra is orange and is located in the pelvis. Thus it rules sexuality and our fertility organs. If your sex or fertility life is a little off, aligning this energy center will help you to reboot this part of your life! Choose an orange stone from your Reiki stones and place it on your tummy while you are meditating. There is no time limit, but 30 minutes as often as you want will help to engage this powerful energy center.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow

The solar plexus chakra is located right beneath your rib cage and it rules your inner strength, courage, and fearlessness. If you are feeling weak, or lack confidence, then some healing with your solar plexus will help you puff that chest out a bit more! Place the yellow Reiki stone on that little space on your tummy that is between your belly button and your rib cage. Breathe in, and breathe out…and clear your mind of any distractions.

If you generally lack confidence in life, the more you do this, the better. This is a great healing activity to engage before a big speech, a chat with your boss, or even a lover! Activating this chakra center right before a big moment will make you feel like the MAN. Or the woman. So activate that solar plexus chakra and give your confidence an instant boost!

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Heart Chakra – Green

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is located exactly where you think! In your heart. And this chakra is denoted by the green color. This means you will use the green Reiki stones for heart chakra healing. When you need a little emotional boost, or if your heart is hurting, chakra healing with green Reiki stones placed on your chest center will help you to activate this chakra and align it with the others. Pink crystals are also very effective for heart chakra healing. Those used with green Reiki stones will help to heal and warm your heart energy center so that you can love the world the way you were intended.

Throat Chakra – Blue

The throat chakra is like the heart chakra, located exactly where it sounds, in the back of your throat. It is denoted by the color blue. So when you feel like your messages are being lost, or your communication centers are a little stuck, activate throat chakra healing and you will find that the words will come to you! For throat chakra healing, use blue Reiki stones and place them on your throat while you are lying down. Anywhere that starts above your breastbone will work. Place them there and spend as much time as you wish in meditation on the messages you want to make clear through throat chakra healing.

Third Eye Chakra – Indigo

When it comes to planning and seeing what is ahead, this is what your third eye chakra is for! Located behind your forehead in the frontal lobe of your brain, is your third eye chakra that is marked by the color dark blue or indigo. This chakra helps you to actually “see” things that you can’t “see” with the naked eye, hence the name third eye chakra. To balance and align this chakra, place the indigo or navy colored blue Reiki stone in between your two eyes, or in the center of your forehead, and clear your mind. Don’t be surprised if you begin to “see” things that you had hunches on, but weren’t sure about! Amethyst and purple colored Reiki stones also work very well on this area.

Crown Chakra – Violet or White Light

The crown chakra is located where it sounds, on the crown of your head, or the top of your head. This is the area that “lights up” when you see pictures of angels, it’s where the halo comes from! So if you want to be connected to the Divine, activate and align your crown chakra with Reiki stones and chakra healing. Place violet stones or amethyst Reiki stones on the top of your head when you meditate. Clear quartz is also a good Reiki stone to use this to channel the “white light”. This is the only chakra that has two colors, and either violet or white Reiki stones will work on this chakra center!

And there you have it! Everything you ever wanted to know about Reiki stones and chakra healing! Which of your 7 chakras do you think needs the most healing?

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