Reasons to Rely on Professional LifeRay Consulting Services

Liferay has successfully established itself as the leading open-source portal and collaboration platform. If you are looking forward to optimizing your Liferay investment, a reputed and experienced holding Liferay consulting services is your destination.

This platform promises a highly flexible architecture, high-end out-of-the-box functionalities, and easier synchronization with major database platforms and application servers. With these qualities, Liferay ensures it fulfills all major criteria of being ranked as one of the ultimate technology solutions.

However, despite the many amazing features it has, it requires full-fledged and dedicated support and consultancy services.

The best of Liferay consultancy services are committed to improving the effectiveness and overall efficiency of the application environments. They are equipped with onsite and offshore consulting expertise, which adds great value to an organization’s existing processes and business requirements.

The team supplies the crucial process backbone and a structure for your business to qualify for quicker and more effective application development.

Usually, standard consulting models include:

Onsite Offering – The Liferay experts and their services are available on contract. They add their commitment and value to developing various applications at client locations.

Outsourcing Module – The comprehensive mentoring services guarantee the institutionalization of best practices in software engineering. A suitable protocol to set the objective indices for better ROI is implemented.

Some of the most basic Liferay consulting services offered by companies include the following listed below:

  • Authentication, Single sign-on with LDAP/AD, etc.
  • Customization & Deployment
  • Portal Implementation
  • Integration with custom application
  • Custom portlet development & support services
  • Creation of front-end themes as a reflection of client branding and
  • Assistance with migration from any portal to the Liferay portal
  • TCO Analysis
  • ROI Analysis
  • Application Re-engineering Consulting
  • Liferay App Mobility Consulting
  • App Ecosystem Consulting
  • Third-Party App Integration Consulting

You can also expect expert recommendations of hardware and software environments per your organization’s specific requirements. These services hold ample experience and an expert consultative approach to help you succeed and achieve your goals.

It is easier to get access to support and consultancy services. The team of experts appointed here holds immense experience while working together with Liferay expert developers and architects.

With these experts, a business can benefit from technology staff equipped with extensive product and development knowledge enough to maximize ROI. It gives a lot of security in knowing that the solution will be up and running faster, combined with the assurance of enhanced stability and optimal performance.

Reasons you should Consider Liferay Consulting Services.

There are several reasons you should rely on professional Liferay consultancy services. Here is a list of some of the major benefits you can enjoy:

Risk Mitigation – These services hold a proven track record of delivering high business value. The experts working are precisely trained to assess systems quickly. They will also detect risks to platform performance.

Higher Deliverable Quality – The core product experts working for these services hold specialization in building world-class solutions. Who can trust these experts as they have been doing it for years for leading companies in almost every industry?

Lower Costs – These services hold extensive knowledge of Liferay DXP. You can trust them for everything that’s needed to deliver faster and reduce customization expenses, such as out-of-the-box functionality, experienced resources, and product roadmap.

Award-Winning Services – Expect nothing less than the best in class consulting, design, and systems integration services that promise professional support and assistance to lead enterprises in building captivating digital experiences.

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