How To Prepare For JEE Main & Advanced Exam

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Crack IIT without any coaching through a strategic preparation

Renowned as the most prestigious engineering institutes of our country, the IIT seeks from the aspirants a diligent approach towards stepping into its premises. Every engineering aspirant thinks of getting there at least once, not just because it’s one of the finest colleges in India; but also to experience smart ideas, hardworking brains, sophisticated infrastructure and highly educated professors all at one place.

With millions of students appearing for JEE Advanced exam every year, the competition gets tougher and tougher and so it demands from a serious aspirant a lot of dedication, effort, and discipline. So, start with little sacrifices and do away with your temporary deliberate efforts to make it possible the way you want.

From things like what to study and how to study; an aspirant needs to focus on a particular strategy that would help him with his preparation methodically.

The Joint Entrance Examination (Main) is conducted by CBSE for undergraduate engineering admissions in institutes such as NITs, IITs, and CFTIs and is also an eligibility exam for JEE Advanced. For admissions to IITs/ISM, JEE Advanced is held by IITs.

Top 2, 24, 000 performers of mains exam are only selected to appear in the advanced exam. So, gear up your preparation with JEE Main guide book. It would provide you proper guidance and confidence during your preparatory stage, which is the most crucial stage.

Prepare with JEE Study Materials & Sample Papers

JEE Mains Exam is divided into three parts: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and with full dedication, you will sail through easily. Before starting with any JEE study material, keep your focus right and avoid all distractions. Keep a single-minded devotion towards your preparation. Next, start with identifying the correct study material.

Look for JEE Mains sample papers to get an insight into the examination pattern and then sync in your preparation with it. Look for best available IIT JEE Chemistry books and consult your seniors and teachers to help you select the proper studying material.

Ensure that all your resources are relevant, be it JEE Main guide book or JEE Advanced sample papers. Go for books that are straightforward and have a simpler language. Your resources must cover the entire syllabus.

Be thorough with the basic concepts of the subjects and memorize all the relevant and important formulas for JEE Mains. Make a daily target and aim to achieve that. Spend more time with the difficult subject and target the difficult part of the syllabus besides crisp and concise notes.

Get a List of Past JEE Advanced solved papers

A healthy study group is all that one needs at some point in their preparation. This will not just lead you to exchange ideas but also would help you learn from each other and that would benefit you in the long run.

Make sure to practice from JEE Advanced solved papers and learn from the different approaches of problem-solving while studying in a group. Solve as many numerical problems as possible and make a habit of noting down your mistakes so that you never repeat them again.

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Over-thinking has never done anyone good and so it will not earn you much. Avoid over-thinking as it will lead you to unwanted thoughts that would burden you with unwanted pressure. Control your mind, meditate, do some physical activity or indulge in a sports habit.

A healthy body is home to a healthy mind and to keep yourself healthy and happy, you need to eat and sleep right. Follow a routine and treat yourself with small perks like your favorite movie on weekends, or cycling through the town or maybe a bar of chocolate you have long waited for.

Knowing the examination structure is the most vital part of your preparation as it will guide you to move further. Time management is another thing you must adhere to. A proper study plan to focus on all the subjects should also be considered strictly. Lastly, give your best until the end.

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