15 Practical Uses for Coca-Cola

uses for coca cola

Soda is a nutritional no-no in the eyes of most health-minded people. Besides being harmful to teeth, the acidic beverage has been associated with heart attacks, strokes, bone softening, and stomach irritation.

But just because it shouldn’t be guzzled doesn’t mean it can’t be put to use in other, more inventive ways. Here are some of the fairly creative uses for coca cola this carbonated beverage—without the risk of cavities of course.

15 Practical Uses for Coca-Cola

1. As a grease remover

Coke cuts grease just as well, if not better, than some soaps out there. Use it to eliminate grease stains from clothing or other fabrics, as well as oil stains on the floor of your garage. Let some of the fizzy beverage soak into the stain and then rinse with cool water.

2. To break up rust or paint

Demolish rust from various surfaces using the scouring power of Coca-Cola. This can help to loosen a rusty bolt or nail that won’t seem to budge otherwise. In a similar fashion, Coke can strip the paint from metal furniture if you soak it for long enough. The same goes for cleaning burnt pans and tea kettles.

3. To fend off asthma

It’s been anecdotally noted that the caffeine content of Coke may fend off an asthma attack. It’s up to you whether chugging two cans of the brown stuff is your best option, but it’s in your repertoire now.

4. To clean your car

The idea of pouring sticky, fizzy Coca-Cola over your car may make you cringe, but it’s known to help clean windshields, bumpers, car battery terminals, and more thanks to its citric acid. The only place it might not be a great idea? Your fabric interior of course.

5. To curl hair

If you’ve tried any other food- or drink-based remedies (club soda, olive oil, mayonnaise, avocado, honey, egg whites, to name a few), you probably know that these everyday items can help restore hair’s luster, deeply cleanse it, and keep color intact, among other benefits.

For its part, Coke can add a little curl to your hair when it’s applied after allowing it to flatten. It’s counterintuitive, but leave the drink open to the air so it loses its bubbles. Then pour it over strands for some curl. Be warned that using Diet Coke will fade hair dye.

6. To use in compost

The acid content of Coke can work to benefit any compost pile. The sugars also feed the microorganisms.

7. As a natural bug repellant

If you’re planning to eat a nice meal outdoors, pour some uses for coca cola in a cup or dish and leave it outside a good distance from where you will be gathering as a group.

The sweetness of the faraway soda should attract all sorts of wasps and bees so they collect in a very specific area, far away from where you plan to enjoy yourselves. You can take things up a notch and pour Coke straight from the can over slugs, cockroaches, and anthills to kill them directly.

8. For gum removal

Getting sticky bubblegum stuck on your shoe, in your hair, or anywhere at all can be a real problem when it won’t come out. Pour some uses for coca cola over the offending area and the gum will eventually loosen for easy removal.

9. To age paper

Looking to instantly age some photos or pieces of paper for a time-warp effect? Dip any pic or paper in a container of Coke and allow it to soak up the brown liquid. Let it sit for just a few minutes, then hang it up to dry and it will look like something out of the past.

10. Neutralize a sting

Whether you’ve been bitten by a jellyfish, bee, or another pesky bug, a quick hit of Coke on the skin’s surface can neutralize the pain.

11. To boost your garden

It might seem strange to pour sweet soda on your plants but certain varieties like acidic soil. Bergenia, foxglove, azaleas, and more can all benefit from the pH-lowering properties of Coke.

12. To deodorize smells

Add one cup of Coke to your laundry to help tackle particularly tough odors.

13. To clean the bathroom

Dump it in the toilet, rub it across the shower and sink, and scrub it between tiles to break up any stains.

14. To defrost a windshield

If a traditional scraper isn’t available, or you just want to make the de-icing easier, pour some uses for coca cola over a frozen windshield to break up the ice.

15. To shine pennies

If you’re looking to brighten up your little copper Abe Lincolns, soak them in a dish of Coke to nix any tarnish.

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