Elevate Your Style with These Popped Color Ideas

Pop is popularly known as Plaster of Paris, it is gypsum which is durable and hard. It is used to make walls, the partition of rooms, and false ceilings. It creates a modern touch to your wall because plaster is smooth and mouldable. With the use of different colors, shades create magic on your wall. In the traditional way, the ceiling is only white colour but nowadays it’s easy to use color combinations to elevate the style of your bedroom and the whole house. Partition of rooms can also be solved through pop design. If you use latex paint then it will not fade easily and go beautiful according to time. Let’s see how combinations of different popped color elevate the style:

1. Blue shades

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The blue color is that type of color in which a calm atmosphere is created in the bedroom. You can choose two color shades baby blue and navy blue; apply that color on the ceiling and walls. The furniture of the room should be light color then it goes great with the combination. If light color is used in the bedroom then the mood of the person will also be light because colors are smooth effects on the mind. So it’s easy to combine color with cream-colored chairs and a white color sofa in the room. The bed should mattresses should be dark color which is fully justification of colours with furniture.

2. Green pop shades color

If you want to utilise your spaces with the pop design then shades of green color on the right and left sides of the bed. In between of the beds cream colour will look great. Shades of green color should be applied on the roof with a white shade line that will add lightness to the room. As people prefer to put a side table at the bedside the interior is also a classy combo with a green colour. A beautiful not much heavy chandelier is also put on the roof that adds elegance to your bedroom.

3. Purple and Grey color combination

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It is a neutral color that combines with violet and it comes in different shades which is helpful in the elevation the style of the room. Extra space in the room is also covered with shades of two colors. A color combination of grey and purple color applied in the bedroom helps for peaceful sleep and relaxation of mood. If your mood is relaxed then it’s easy to go into deep sleep without much effort. Light grey color taken as a base color and the subtle use of purple color is the best combination for the bedroom. Less furniture should be used in the room, only chairs preferred in the bedroom and space not filled with anything but space create a good atmosphere in the room.

4. Grey and Pink popped color

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For a feminine and sophisticated bedroom, it’s compulsory to a combination of two colors. One color should be used as a base color and pink as a shade. On the back of your bed wall apply mountain shades with a grey color. The pink color should be applied to the side table. This side table pink and grey on a false ceiling adds life to your bedroom. Light also plays a vital role in the room if the lighting is CFLs then it adds extra beauty to the colour combination. This combination makes your bedroom more cozy and romantic.

5. Brown and white pop color

This color combines in a way that adds extra beauty to your bedroom. The wardrobe in the room also combines brown and white colors. Back side of the bed brown color petal flowers should use and on the roof at the base of the fan dark brown color used.  On the side walls light brown and white combo should be used. It creates the magic of good vibes in the room you feel great after entering the room. Every shade of color will be smooth your mind and your sleep pattern also improves after sleeping in that type of room. Dark and light colors are both elegant in use because this is cover extra space with their reflection in the tiles of the room.

6. Olive green and white pop color

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This color combination of pop design is meaningful because it shows how much you love your bedroom. Every color combination looks magical which helps calm your chirping mind. When you are speechless about your bedroom pop design then this helps to shut your mind calmly and create good sleep. Olive color is as much beneficial for your health and the white color combined with then color smooth the mind and helps you to be ready for good sleep.

7. Black and Red pop color

The round pattern on the rooftop then combines these colors as both shades are used elegantly. Both colors should complement each other not overpower one another. The wall of the bed back combines in a good way that creates good energy in the house. A bedroom is a place where you forget about all the tension of your business and want to relax yourself. If this type of color combination is present in the room then it will be easy to relax.

8. Yellow and orange pop color

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It gives a classy look to your bedroom. Yellow color should be less in the bedroom according to Vastu. When yellow color is combined with orange color then it goes well for your health. Colors play an important role in our life. If you choose any colour combination for your bedroom then go with your instinct because it is a helpful experience that you are going to enjoy every day. Conclusion

White color was used in pop design but after adding colors with white celling the demand for pop increased. Nowadays people can choose their preferred colors and this combination goes according to their choice and the size of the bedroom. Through this article color combination, you can also try popped color.

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