Best PHP Development Tools for Developers

PHP is the most popular backend language among all developers. It is used to create a dynamic website. Millions of people use it to build a website. It is an integral part of maintaining websites, and it is also an easy-to-understand language. It is an open-source server-side scripting language, and there are so many reasons that developers prefer to work with PHP rather than with Ruby, NET, or PHYTON.

The first reason is that PHP is a much faster language because of its well-supported framework. It is straightforward to start development with this language. You can learn this language quickly via some online tutorials. Developers are responsible for making responsive websites that meet user requirements. They are developing web apps and API-based applications. Because of the curiosity among individuals about this language, the scope of PHP jobs in India has increased.

To save developers precious time and reduce their workload, many tools are available to help developers build websites.

Editors for PHP: Programmers use editors to write source code. These editors support PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages.

  1. PHP Eclipse- It is a popular open-source PHP source-code editor that runs on all the major operating systems such as Windows, MAC, Linux, etc. It has all the features such as code folding, PHP parser, syntax highlighting, and support for Debugger.
  2. Php Designer8: This editor is used by most developers that handle the front-end code, and you can quickly check errors in this editor. It is an easy-to-use tool that also provides you the hint about some coding techniques.
  3. j Edit: jEdit is a free text editor, and its runs on any platform like mac, windows, Linux, etc. It supports some the features like text folding, syntax highlighting, and code folding. This editor is written in Java, and the latest version of it is v2.0.

The framework is a virtual platform that allows developers to build web applications. It saves lots of time for developers and makes their life easy by providing a structure. With the PHP framework, it is easier to build applications. There are so many frameworks, and some of the most used are discussed as follows:

  1. Laravel: It is the most popular framework used by millions of developers today. It provides functions that help in the smooth running of code and fast results. It supports good routing, easy authentication, migration support, etc. It is a much more advanced and developed form of building a framework.
  2. Symfony: It is an extreme PHP Framework that supports lots of features. It is a set of PHP components and a web application framework. It is significantly faster and less greedy, and very flexible in use. And also, it is straightforward to use and easy to understand the framework.
  3. CodeIgniter: It is a free PHP framework maintained by EllisLab. Code Igniter can also be modified to use HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller), allowing developers to uphold modular grouping controllers, models, and views in a sub-directory format. It is an open-source software web framework for building a dynamic website with PHP. Easy error handling, zero installation, easy security, and other modes have brought this framework into the limelight of being used.

Tools for PHP:

  1. Fire PHP is an extension that allows you to log data in Firebug. It has various features, such as changing your errors and exceptions and checking the errors directly in the firebug console. Many developers love to use it because of its advanced features.
  2. C K Editor: It is an in-code PHP editor tool. This editor is designed to bring standard word processor features directly to web pages, simplifying their content creation; and well written in JavaScript and designed to bring every day. It supports style formatting, web resource linking, and spell-checker functionality. It checks all the errors and marks with a red line and also provides you with some suggestions.
  3. PHP Lang Editor: It is a handy Firefox add-on to translate language files and variables in your script. It is a tool that helps in the PHP application translator. Various files or applications are translated using one or many files of Lang vars.

These are some of the tools, frameworks, or editors that are very must helpful for PHP Development Tools.

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