Netgear WiFi Extender Setup: Boosting up the Home WiFi System

If you are stick to the same room of router that means you are receiving pretty good signals but what if you are in another room? Signals may drop or walls might become a barrier in the pasture of Internet connectivity. But there is still hope left that we can boost up the speed of our existing network, even if you have bulky homes, thick walls, etc. You can still get the access to Internet from one room to another even during the process of your Netgear WiFi Extender Setup, no fence can stop you from making a successful end and also, keep devices connected with each other.

5 ways to extend the Internet coverage

1. Make your Router rid from other Wireless Devices

If you are having other wireless devices with the same frequency as of router like cordless phones, monitors, security alarms, etc., we would like to suggest our users that try moving their devices somewhere else (away from router) where you don’t want an Internet connection. While if there is no place something like that, turn all the third-party wireless devices off during WiFi usage and also throughout the process of Netgear Genie Setup.

Netgear Genie is the most significant application that can easily dash upon any desktop of any device. It is also very useful to repair the damage (low connectivity) network and to manage the feature like guest access and parental control. This app becomes a protective shield that defends your network from intruders. You just have to connect your range extender with the help of an Ethernet cable to any of your smart devices. After that launch a web browser and in the address bar type my wifiext, to know more about Netgear Genie Setup features and make your configuration successful between your devices.

2. Shift your device

Do you know that the wireless signals can also be corrupted by moving through walls, solid objects and other metal appliances? So if you have placed the router closer to them, it’s time to shift your device out of the reach of them. The reason behind why we are suggesting you this, there are chances that a time will come when your WiFi signals can be degraded.

The best spot to place your router is the centre of your house that is free from walls and other obstacles. The signal of your device hates to make connection with electronic gadgets. Reposition your device by raising it higher and off the ground.

3. Switch to a Range Extender

If you have a big house or a bungalow, you might want to buy a range extender in order to get more speed of Internet that will follow you at every inch of your house. This WiFi device of yours gives you the good quality of signal strength to even those areas which are declared as dead zones. It is better to place your device nearby your router, once you configure them both, you can move your extender to its intended location and experience the high-quality of Internet from door-step to backyard.

4. Amend the frequency of your Router

It may interest you to know that your device is the answer to your entire dilemma. Won’t believe? But it is true. Most of the people don’t care about router settings and they are not even aware of the page of router administration. Most routers have the common channels, those channels do not overlap with each other and gives you the best signals, but most of them are set by default, which means your device may receive and send poor signals. In that case we would suggest, try the process of power cycling in order to see whether the signals of your device are improving or not.

5. You need a External Antenna

It is impossible for us to move the devices from one place to another every time, everywhere. But on the other hand, most of the routers support external antennas. If your device is fixed into the desk or cupboard, external antennas would be a great way of receiving the broadcast signals for a better performance. Omnidirectional antennas are those which are adjustable in all directions to gain high signals of WiFi range everywhere. If your router is on the one side, this antenna can be a gateway to boost up the speed of your existing signal strength.

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