Health Guide on Herb – Muira Puama – Benefits and Side-Effects

Muira Puama is a small tree of height up to 15 meters, is found growing in Brazil and its surrounding regions. The plant consists of white jasmine flowers. Many people consume its roots and bark for various medical purposes.

The name Muira Puama means “potency wood.” Recently Muira Puama has gained popularity in various countries. Muira puama is utilized to a great extent in herbal medicines. For example, in Brazil and South America, it is being used as a neuromuscular tonic, for asthenia, loss of motion, interminable ailment, grippe, ataxia, and focal sensory system issue. It is likewise considered to help support physical performance.

In England, it is available in the British Herbal Pharmacopeia, where it is prescribed for the various treatments. In the US, it is increasing the greater prominence and is considered by some to be the “new” Yohimbe, however with significantly fewer side effects. It is used as both sexuality enhancers like in Progentra and besides a nerve tonic, treating chronic nervous ailments.

Benefits of Muira Puama

Muira Puama has various herbal benefits; few of them are as follows:

Treating Upset Stomach

Stomach pain is a regular issue that involves many individuals in their everyday lives. There are various reasons for its causes. While it takes place to you, you have to get a correct remedy for it immediately. You can utilize Muira Puama supplement or eating routine to treat such upset stomach that gives queasiness sign like morning, heaving, disorder and any distress feeling originating from your stomach. By taking this powerful herb, you will get the best solution for your stomach issue.

Improving Physical Performance

Either men or ladies of all ages have changed their consumption of herbs for a change in physical work. Muira Puama is delivered and sold as a tonic of body stimulant like different drinks. It has been used as an herb for athletic and physical overall performance. The addition of Muira Puama with some other herbs like guarana and ginger can altogether support your stamina. Muira Puama works as a weariness reliever and a mild stimulant.

Decreasing Nerve Pain

Nerve ache is one sign and symptom of some specific conditions like diabetes, HIV, tumor, and shingles. Nerve pain or neural pain frequently happens in individuals having an issue with the nerves system. Taking Muira Puama will give positive outcome and can reduce pain.

Healing Diarrhea

One of the issues that arise in the digestion tract is diarrhea. Watery stool happening in diarrhea sufferer originates from the complication inside the digestive organ.  Within the method of excretion, there is a come up short digestive tract to infest water arising from the stool, and it ultimately triggers diarrhea. It happens because of disease from microscopic organisms, harsh food, and spicy items. On the off chance that you get diarrhea, use Muira Puama herb is the dominant method to overcome it.

Treating Central Nervous System Problem

Muira Puama can be utilized as a solution to treating a slow central nervous system. At the point when Squire examined this plant for its impact toward the focal sensory system, she found that the roots of Muira Puama have a differing central nervous system works, belonging light anxiogenic results. Muira Puama can expand your physical stamina and mental performance.

Side Effects of Muira Puama

Muira Puama can also cause side effects, the effect of which can be minimized with proper usage.

Blood pressure

The herb Muira Puama enables to increase the stream of blood to the pelvic place, and it is also categorized as a stimulant. These two qualities may prompt expansion in the pulse levels in sensitive individuals. Usually, this increase is brief. However, people who have current headaches of blood pressure stages should consult their doctor earlier than the usage of Muira Puama herb.


Muira Puama is stimulative because of which a sleeping disorder is a most ordinarily side effect. People who are at the risk of this situation need to restrict taking Muira puama herb and do a lot of exercises all for the day, such that when it’s time to go to bed, anxiety doesn’t happen.


The benefits and side-effects which are highlighted in this article will allow the users to better usage of this excellent herb with minimizing side-effects.

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