Modern Luxurious Apartment Interior Design Ideas 2021-2022

Are you looking for design inspiration for refurbishing your home this 2021-2022? Here’s a style that never gets old: industrial interior design.

The sources of inspiration for your home are limitless. But, in most cases, the boldest and brightest ideas come from the places people often neglect – old and filthy warehouses and factories, which gave birth to industrial or practical home design.

Raw, edgy, authentic – these three words best describe the key principles of industrial interior design. It creates a “warehouse look” that showcases neutral tones, wood and metal surfaces, vintage items, and useful objects that exude function and style. It’s also about proudly displaying the mechanical elements often hidden behind clean walls and ceilings: the pipes, ducts, beams, and exposed brick walls that are left unfinished.

Are you planning your next home-building project? You can either take an Interior Design Master’s Degree or take a shortcut to learn about these modern luxurious apartment interior design ideas 2021 that you may bring to your own space.

1. A thoughtful mix of wood and metal

A thoughtful mix of wood and metal

Since old warehouses and factories inspired the idea, expect a nice interplay of wood and metal. Moreover, the two elements’ variation of gray and brown shades creates harmony when combined with black and white.

A wooden dining table works well with metal dining chairs. For metals, stick to cold metals (not gold or brass) with a matte finish rather than the shiny ones. You can also add character to your space by mixing rustic and modern, or old and new, to create an industrial design, like pairing your stainless-steel kitchen island or bar with distressed bar stools.

2. Exposed ceiling pipes, beams, ducts, and other structural details

Exposed ceiling pipes

Ceilings have a vital role in showcasing the “art of salvage” that the principle of industrial interior design suggests. Pipes, beams, ducts, and other structural details that used to be hidden are left bare and exposed. Additionally, this trick creates the illusion of higher ceilings.

Another tip: make use of rustic and old-fashioned ceiling fans instead of using expensive air-conditioners. Aside from lowering your energy consumption, it will also give a timeworn appeal to your factory-inspired space.

However, this isn’t something you can easily DIY – seek help from your trusted home builders.

3. Bare, unfinished walls

Bare, unfinished walls

The walls that seem unfinished and unpolished, like exposed brick walls and matte concrete walls, are ideal for industrial interior design. The more distressed the structure looks, the more drama it creates.

You may also utilize faux finish and patina techniques to recreate a timeworn appeal. As we have mentioned earlier, the ceilings display mechanical details extending to the walls. Adorn the blank wall with large, bold artworks, vintage posters, and stunning black and white photographs.

4. Polished concrete or wooden floors

Polished concrete or wooden floors

Instead of using expensive tiles, polish the concrete and leave the floors gray and bare. Polished concrete floors are a minimalist approach, allowing other pieces to shine. You can also go for wooden floors for added texture.

If you will be living in a two-story loft or apartment like the ones at the apartments for rent in Washington, the idea of metal stairs that seem rustic adds appeal to your concrete walls and floors. A mezzanine floor works well too. Soften the industrial design’s hard edge by using comfortable rugs.

5. Comfortable furniture pieces

Comfortable furniture pieces

Embracing the art of salvage does not mean you’re going to sacrifice comfort.

To make your industrial-inspired space look and feel like home, you need to incorporate homey and comfortable pieces of furniture. Nothing breaks the tension of industrial approaches like a plush and overstuffed ottoman, large scattered cushions, and soft rugs in natural textures and neutral colors. Large plants can also help energize the monotonous space.

6. Hanging light fixtures

Hanging light fixtures

A lighting material also serves as an artistic addition to an industrial space. For example, instead of using the conventional lighting technique to illuminate your room, you may use hanging light bulbs suspended on exposed beams and pipes.

Pendant lights with a matte metal finish are mostly used for focused lighting. Track lights are utilized for ambient lighting. Aside from hanging lights, large metal floor arc lamps, and scissor lift-inspired wall lamps, they also create an industrial charm.

7. A few items from the distant past

A few items from the distant past

Finish off your industrial-inspired home with a few vintage items. You may do some research on some inventions and machines during the industrial revolution and display a representation of them in your space. For example, you may have a pulley-inspired lamp, machine wheels, scissor lift center table, old metal signages, typewriters, sewing machines, cameras, and rustic wall clocks.

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