How To Make A Nude Makeup And Look More Natural

Nude Makeup

If we want to wear nude makeup, first we will know what the nude tone is and why it has become so popular among makeup artists in this last season. It is also necessary to know what are the ideal makeup conditions to get the best tone.

Makeup today seeks to assimilate as much as possible to the natural tones of the skin. Nowadays, despite the fact that makeup work is done, the colors are based on nude tones, providing an aesthetic vision of a clean face without makeup.

This effect is one of the most used today. You can combine the natural tones of your face with soft and eye-catching colors for any occasion. This is the perfect makeup for the world of makeup and one of those that combines with everything. Other makeup methods such as “Smokey eyes ” have become very loaded even to make them since it takes layers and layers of grayish colors to achieve the effect.

Nude makeup is the most used among celebrities and is considered a trend; as it emphasizes the beauty of a person making all the work done with makeup go unnoticed.

Nude Tones

This type of tone fully respects the face and all its features. The tones are natural and have the purpose of making the person’s face look fresh and elegant in a simple way. For any time of the day, nude makeup works.

If you want something more elaborate you can opt for other options such as contouring, thick lips, or learn to develop various techniques such as almond eyes. In the following paragraphs we explain how you can make your nude makeup and achieve it perfectly:

Steps for a nude makeup

  • Achieving this type of effect in makeup is not complicated. First, you need a base that is matte and does not shine. Place it in a harmonic way covering the whole face and on top of it a compact translucent powder, only to fix the base better.
  • The blush that you will use will be of a tone according to your skin. It can be a tone higher than the color of your cheeks or a golden tone to light up this area a bit.
  • The eyes should not be fully made up. If you want to delineate them you can do it in light tones as in others. It should also be well blurred so that you see a resplendent and not very dark tone.
  • With the tabs, you can have a little fun. Garnish with an anti-water eyelash mask or use false eyelashes not too
  • large, so that the harmony is more natural. The idea of the nude is to enhance the face in light and brown tones so that it looks more natural and attractive.
  • The lips can be a little showy if you want to dare with a red or red wine tone making the lips are the center of attention. You can also use a natural shine or nude color lip paints.

Everything must be done under the same color range: gold, ocher, brown on any of its scales. Makeup brands offer palettes with the name nude in their specifications to develop this type of makeup. Know your face better and learn to bring more life to the areas you want to look more.


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