Beautiful Latest Neck Designs for Kurtis for Girl

Let’s dive into this blog in which you can choose a better option for yourself and what latest neck designs for kurtis you should use for your Kurti.

In any type of Kurti design its neckline is always the centre of attraction because it enhances overall looks and makes looks more appealing. Well-designed Kurti with a fitting neckline transforms Kurti into that type of dress that can be used on any special occasion. Design in Kurti depends upon the type of clothing used in Kurti if used simple fabrics then Ghota helps to enhance its beauty. You can put a collection of different styles of kurtis in your wardrobe. Let’s dive into this blog in which you can choose a better option for yourself and what latest neck designs for kurtisyou should use for your Kurti.

1. Boat Neck design Kurti

Boat Neck design Kurti

In this design Kurti’s neck would be in the shape of a boat, it’s the same as U- Shape design but has a small cut on the side which is closed with buttons. Through this design, your neck looks slim and your shoulder also looks wider and attractive. Any face shape this design suited so much. A girl always wants to be looking slim in her clothes so these designs help her to look slimmer in the upper area. When you add this boat neck with a contrast border then it provides a boat neckline.

2. Heart Shape Neck Design Kurti

Heart Shape Neck Design Kurti

The top area of kurtis as the name suggests would be the shape of the heart with a small cut which gives a deep line. This type of Kurti neck design is suited to girls of any shape, size, and body type. If she has a small bust line then this design makes her look more curvaceous. It adds a romantic touch to Kurti.

3. V-Shape Neck Design Kurti

V-Shape Neck Design Kurti

Its front neck design is in a V shape and is timeless and elegant to your Kurti. Any girl feels younger in this look. If your body is heavy then need not worry because this design provides a slim look to your front body. This design can be made more attractive by covering this neck design with lace and some embroidery.

4. Round Neck Design Kurti

Round Neck Design Kurti

Its evergreen look is timeless and versatile in fashion. This design goes great with all types of Kurti; if you’re Kurti is floral design then a round neck is best for it. Its cultural and authentic design was used by ladies when any design was not in trend but now you can see a lot of designs available, but the grace of this design is always in demand.

5. Halter Neck Design Kurti

Halter Neck Design Kurti

For a girl, this design is the best choice because it’s a bold choice for any fashion-enthusiastic person.  The neckline wraps around the neck shoulder and the upper back of the design is exposed. It adds charm to Kurti. After wearing that type of Kurti your confidence level will boost up because you look so stunning in that type of design. No need to carry any Dupatta over it.

6. Square Neck Design with Piping Kurti

Square Neck Design with Piping Kurti

This is a chic design that creates a structured look to Kurti because half of the design is covered with piping and then put a button over that the button can be stuck to the piping, that piping will provide a contemporary touch to your Kurti which adds beauty to your simple look. The simple design comes in wrap so this design is so simple that no one rejects it.

7. Peter Pan Collar Neck Design Kurti

Peter Pan Collar Neck Design Kurti

This neck design is especially for girls because it provides Kurti with youthful looks. Small collar is rounded over the neck but closed in front and simmer clothes are used for that collar that enhance the looks of Kurti. If you are in a hurry then go with that Kurti design and attend any wedding functions easily. Collar always provides a unique look to your Kurti.

8. Shirt Collar Neck Design Kurti

Shirt Collar Neck Design Kurti

It provides a professional look to Kurti, especially for girls. If you joined a new office recently then this design is made for you. This design provides polished and structured looks to Kurti. If you want to attend any formal event then it’s work and gives you a great look. Kurti looks like a shirt but the length of the Kurti will be long so it is a different style.

9. Shoulder Neck Design Kurti

Shoulder Neck Design Kurti

Are you searching for designer Kurti, and then this design is made for you. In this design elastic band is in design that helps you to sit comfortably and look good. It’s an elegant and famous design. Various heroes in Bollywood appeared in the movie. Deepika Padukone wears that type of Kurti in the movie Love Aaj Kal. This look will be full when matching that with flat shoes and a small chain on the neck gives the perfect look.

10. Anarkali Neck Design Kurti

Anarkali Neck Design Kurti

In the world of fashion Anarkali played an important role. Nowadays it’s not changed much but fabrics are also changing day by day with the rounded neck and back of the neck scoop tied with it. Collar can also be made on the neck it will provide an elegant look to your Kurti. For a girl, this design is perfect to go with pants and leggings. Trendy earrings and watch on hand. If you want to wear bindi then it adds an Indian look.

11. Lace Neck Design Kurti

Lace Neck Design Kurti

Lace is a crazy thing because you found out how this adds extra beauty to your Kurti. If you want to add variety in your Kurti design then try this one: choose matching lace with Kurti and attach it with a neck line. It goes great with leggings and palazzos. Tie your hair back and your look is completed with earrings and chain on neck which complete your look.


There are a number of Kurti neck designs available online but what design has become your favorite that matters. If you choose one of the best designs then carry that Kurti on any occasion. When any event is celebrated in your family then it’s difficult to choose what clothes you should wear at a function but after reading that article your mind should be clear that Kurti can also be a great option to choose.

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