4 Things to Know Before You Buy a New Computer

buy a new computer
buy a new computer

Today, there are many different types of computers on the market, and deciding between them may be a difficult challenge.

How much RAM memory will you need? Which graphics card? How much memory is enough? There are so many issues that it is even hard to decide where to begin. Try to cut down your choices by following our instructions.

Laptop or desktop

This is where you should begin. Decide do you go with power or portability. A desktop is definitely a better option in case you do not have to carry your PC around. Opting for a desktop will give you more power for your money. Another good thing is that they are easy to upgrade and reconfigure. For example, if you need a better graphics card for a certain video game, you can just replace the one on your PC with the new one. With most of the laptops, this is not possible. Still, laptops offer you portability in addition to handling powerful applications. So, if you are going to play a lot of video games, a desktop may be a better option. On the other hand, if you need a PC just for web browsing and writing, a laptop should be more than enough.

RAM memory

One of the first things you think about when getting a new PC is how much RAM memory should you get. Today, you can find many budget PCs with 4 or 6GB of RAM memory. Today, 4GB is a minimal amount of RAM you should get, even if you will not be using your PC for gaming. But if you are going to play some demanding video games you should go with 6GB and more if possible. In 2015, 16GB RAM memory was quite popular among gamers. Think about your budget and the things you are going to use your new PC for. Only then, you should decide how much RAM memory you should get.


The next thing you should think about is how much memory you will need. Having more space is always a good thing, therefore, you should get as much memory as you can afford. Most of the new PCs have around 1TB of memory. If you think that is too much for you, 500GB can still be enough, as long as you do not plan to store many movies and video games. If you are struggling with the budget, you can start slowly, with 500GB for example, and then later add 500GB more, once you can afford it.

You can easily find a new hard drive to add to your PC later since you can get most of the computer parts online. If you intend to spend much money on your PC, you can also think about solid-state drives (SSDs) which offer you the best possible performance, but still, come in low capacities. For example, a 500GB SSD can cost you up to 150$ lone.

Graphics card

Another important thing is to get a proper graphics card. Today, people choose a graphics card based on how much RAM memory does it have, which is wrong. It is like choosing a big sports car based on the capacity of its gas tank. Unless you are going to run some ultra-large resolutions, you do not have to be concerned about RAM memory of your graphics card.

What you should be careful with is the bandwidth. The quality of bandwidth varies between different types. What you should remember is that GDDR5 memory provides twice more bandwidth than DDR3 does. For example, 1GB of GDDR5 is definitely preferable to 4GB of GDDR3. When it comes to the manufacturer, Nvidia or AMD is definitely something you should go with.

So, think about all of these things before you make any moves. Of course, set your budget and choose all of the components according to it. Once you think you have found a perfect PC from a website like Avery address labels, be sure to read the comments about that model online. If the comments are positive and you think you have decided, it is the time to go and get it.

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