Everything You Want To Know About Barcelona Attractions

Spain is an alluring city of Southern Europe stretched out in the Iberian Peninsula. On the Mediterranean coast of Northeast Spain, there is a city named BARCELONA Attractions. This city cradles to be the second-largest city in Spain. The history states that the city was redrawn by the Romans in about 15 BC.

Barcelona is considered to be the 4th richest region in Spain comprising over 66% metropolitan area with Catalonia people. Barcelona pleases the individual via its always vigilant inland filled with glamour of art and architecture. You can check the Barcelona Sants train schedule before traveling here. The tourists are fascinated by its comfy and mild climate, its recreational areas, cosmopolitan and futuristic beauty of beaches and mountains. The major attractions for the beautiful city are as follows:-

1.Sagrada Familia –

Sagrada Familia

UNESCO has declared it a breathtaking world heritage site with the astounding view being the best work of architects. It has a museum inside the building overviewing about Basilica.

2. Park Guell –

Park Guell

Antoni Gaudi designed a public park on the Carmel Hill of Barcelona. This garden carries a brilliant stone structure and fascinating tiling. The twisted rock pillars, dragon fountain at the entrance give a magical touch.

3. Las Ramblas –

It is the liveliest street filled with live performers. The best place for the tourists to walk-in and shop for themselves. It is located exactly in the heart of the city.

4. Girona –


It reflects the Gothic architecture. The true picture of old Roman giving birth to the incredible view.

5. Gothic Quarter –

Gothic Quarter

Here, the glorious Barcelona Cathedral fascinates the tourist. The Spanish bliss is revealed through the nightlife of the Gothic quarter. The huge chain of restaurants and bars make the tourist relax and enjoy to the fullest.

6. Flamenco Show –

Flamenco Show

Flamenco is an art form of Spain comprising up of three skills – Guitar playing, Song, and Dance form. It gives you an exotic experience of folk music. The Balle dance, compas, and the melody mode define the Flamenco style.

7. Magical fountain of Montjuic –

The astonishing three waterfalls with sound and light show of fountain is a must-visit spot for tourists. It provides a spectacular display of water acrobatics exhibiting over 50 shades of colors. It’s an enchanting dance of water right just in front of the tourist’s eyes.

8. Tibidabo –


Tibidabo is an amusement park. It is one of the best places for children to enjoy and cherish with family. The train ride starts the fun and drops in half. The other half is again covered by a funicular cable train putting us on top of the mountain. The tram rides are like cherries on top of the cake as they provide a dazzling view of the city and amusement park.

Barceloneta, Mar Bella, Nova Icaria, and Bogatell are the most popular beaches of the gorgeous city Barcelona. Casa Batllo, Placa Reial, Sagrat Cor, and Monastery of Pedralbes are few of the squares, temples, and landmarks popular hotspots of the city. And the list of the enchanting spots of Barcelona is long-lasting.

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