Kick Chickenpox Out Of Your Body By Home Remedies!


Chickenpox is one among other popular sicknesses, and it is considered as a common disease in children under 12 years old. In this scientific front, doctors call chickenpox as varicella, which is very to get infected. People are worried about it, so do us. All of us just want to prevent it forever. However, we should know how it works in our bodies first. Therefore, it will be much easier to read it out loud and get rid of it.

Normally, from the start, I will be like a rash, after a few times, it will turn to papules which are full of fluid on it. During infected stages, on the body will appear some itchy dots or rashes, after a few times, it is getting more and more crowded. People who are suffered from it would feel pain and unpleasant status because it is vulnerable, and of course it has fluid on it. For that reason, I am sure that you don’t want to break those papules.

It may spread throughout the body from toe to head. All of this is caused by the varicella-zoster virus which can transfer from each to other by touching the fluid, sneezing, cough,… In addition, this varicella-zoster virus can flee from this body to other bodies excessively smooth and for a short time, so that many people very hesitant when they are having a conversation with people are suffered from chickenpox.

And you are in that condition, or you don’t want your children to be affected by this annoying virus, you are in the right place. We are implementing you some tips or tricks to get rid of chickenpox right in your kitchen.

1. Water from coconut

Coconut is famous for its nutrients which have a very strong and powerful influence of cooling and soothing aspects. If you are in the chickenpox period and will get well soon, you should find this guy. Cotton balls inside a coconut are considered as the most healthy and friendly to human, you can dip it out and apply it on the dots to take away the marks. Besides, it also helps to ease the chickenpox scars after being affected.

2. Baking soda

In every house, baking soda is very famous, it can be found in every kitchen also in the medicine box. And luckily, it is commonly used in treatment for chickenpox. You can take advantage of this by making a combination of this. You should mix a ½ coffee spoon of baking soda with a glass of water. Don’t pour too much baking soda, because it can harm the sensitive status of your skin. After combining them, you would apply it on the papules with the support of sponge and let it dry.

Using baking soda in treatment for varicella, it can push back the itchy feeling and free you from an unpleasant moment of not being able to scratch. During this period of time, you should use baking soda as the daily home help to make clear all the chickenpox problems.

3. Green peas

Green peas, the more nutrient vegetable among others, can be used as a powerful treatment for chickenpox. Due to its medical advantages, you can grind the boiled green peas until it is in paste form, then apply it on the painful and itchy papules.

4. Brown vinegar

Above are things you will apply it on directly, but if you don’t want to take too much time to do one by one dot? You should bath! But not with water normally, you should think of mixing brown vinegar in it.

One bucket of warm water (no very warm one) with a cup of brown vinegar would be the best proportion to take a shower with. While bathing, you should do softly and easily not to hurt yourself.

This substance can provide support to force irritation from chickenpox vanish in a few days. So be patient and be careful with the amount of vinegar that you pour into water.

5. Honey

Honey is well-known for its advantages to heal scars. So it can be on the today list. Due to its positive functions, honey can be applied on the body, in particular, in the papules that are going to vanish. Inside honey, it has vitamins which can fasten the time skin get well more than normal. Besides, it also implements useful tools to sweep out the irritation. What an advantageous home remedy!

6. Soup of coriander and carrot

After treating outside, you should heal yourself from inside. In this case, coriander and carrot can be mixed together to become a delicious and healthy soup. In those vegetables, they include a vast vitamin A and antioxidants which can cure the problems in your body.

In particular, it provokes the healing stages to be faster. Also, it can help you to partly get rid of scars that chickenpox leaves. You can make this soup as an added dish in your meal. Not for healing purpose, also for getting a healthier goal.