Junagadh – An Ancient and Fortified City

Junagadh is an Indian city in Gujarat state. It’s an ancient and fortified city having 2300 Years old history. Junagadh is situated against the most impressive topography

Junagadh is an Indian city in Gujarat state. It’s an ancient and fortified city having 2300 Years old history. Junagadh is situated against the most impressive topography within the base of Holy Girnar Hills in Gujarat. Before India-Pakistan Partition, Junagadh was a tiny State ruled by many Nawabs in different centuries and decades. At the time of partition, Nawab Muhammad Mahabat Khan opted to take his state into Pakistan. Bur then Nawab departed to Pakistan because maximum inhabitants of Junagadh was Hindu.

Historical sights to see at Junagadh:

1. Girnar Hill

Girnar Hill

Girnal hills are the highest peak for Gujarat state as a sacred mountains. Girnar is coverd with Hindu and Jain temples. Hills having 10,000 stone steps and pilgrims come from far to tackle the long climb up of hills. If you want to reach at the uppermost temples then you must be prepared for a full day.

Girnar hills are well-known for its Jain temples having Mosaic and decorated domes. The Temple of Neminath is the largest and the oldest temple from 12th century. The peak of hills topped with the temple of Amba Mata which is the most popular Hindu temple at Girnar Hills. Then the temple of Gorakh Nath is topped in the highest peak of Gujarat at 1117 Meter. The next peak are topped by Dattatraya Temple and then final peak is topped by Kalika Mata which is shrine to the Goddess Kali.

2. Uparkort Fort

Uparkort Fort

Uparkort Fort is the World Herotage sites at Junagadh. It have been built in 319 BC by Chandragupta – A Mauryan Emperor. Uparkot has a magnificent view of the whole Junagadh city and Girnal Hills to east side. There are more attractions to see at Uparkort fort.

Let’s discuss each in details below:

(i). Buddhist Caves

Buddhist Caves

The Buddhist Caves situated inside the Uparkort Fort. We cannot say that they are actually caves. They are actually Monastic Quarters which carved out of the Rock circa near about 2nd century AD. We can say that it’s a three story carved complex and we can see tha main and central hall with its pillars along with weathered carvings.

(ii). Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid

This Heritage Mosque is also situated inside the Uparkort Fort and close to Buddhist Caves. This was a grand palace but in the 15th Century it was converted into the Mosque by the Sultan of Gujarat Muhammad Begada. If you are a fan of stone works then this Jama Masjid is for you to feel a better and delicate Mihrab stonework. From the roof of this Mosque, you can feel the awesome view of Junagadh city.

(iii). Adi Kadi Vaav

Adi Kadi Vaav

This Vaav is also the best example of step-well. Situated inside the Uparkort fort. This step-well is cur from a solid rock in the 15th century. At that time, there were two slave girls named Adi and Kadi who used to fetch water from it. That’s why the name of this step-well is arrived from those slave girls. This step-well is circular in shape and near about 41 Meter deep.

(iv). Navghan Kuvo

Navghan Kuvo

Like Adi kadi Vaav, this one also inside the Uparkort Fort and also a step-well having 52 Meter depth. This well was designed to survive at emergency. Its near about 1000 year old and having beautiful circular staircase around the well shaft.

3. Mahabat Maqbara

Mahabat Maqbara

This is one of the most epic example of stone work. This mausoleum is of Nawab Mahabat Khan II from Junagadh. This mausoleum is the great example of Indo-Islamic infrastructure having European touch having French window and gothic columns. This mausoleum is so lavish that it topped off by silver inner doors.

4. Maqbara of Vazir (Vazir’s Mausolesum)

Maqbara of Vazir (Vazir’s Mausolesum)

This is also a lavish infrastructure of Junagadh city having more flourish. Places near Mahabat Maqabara. This was built on 1896 as a Mausoleum of Vazir Sahib Baha-Ud-Din. Having four storey towers encircles with spiral stairways.

5. Ashokan Edicts

Ashokan Edicts

This edicts situated outside the Junagadh City on the road to Girnar Hill. Having a large boulder on a white building on which The Great Samrat Ashoka – A Buddhist Emperor, written 14 Edicts in Brahmi scripts in the Pali Language related to 250 BC. This Edicts having several inscriptions that Great Samrat Ashoka placed his moral philosophy and achievements as well.

6. Junagadh Museum – Sardar Baug

Junagadh Museum – Sardar Baug

This is an epic museum which displays weapons of Junagadh Nawabs. You can see here stick guns, tiger nails, Armours, Daggers, Silver Palaquins and many more. You can also see and feel a huge carpet woven in Junagadh’s Jail. Feel the Better Nawabi Wooden Furniture and Delicate here and in case of dust silver filigree is also worth to feel and to look here.

These are the major attractions of and Ancient and Fortified Junagadh city. You can feel here the ancient things and heritage sites. If you like history then you must visit once Junagadh and know the history of this Fortified City. We damn sure that while knowing the history you will get the goosebumps. And you will fall in love with this ancient city as a tourist.

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If you are looking for better torist destination having ancient history and many more things than Junagadh is for you. There are lot more places to hangout and to enjoy as a tourist destination near by Junagadh city. Near by Junagadh, You can visit the Gir National Park to see Only Asiatic Lions. You can also feel more like a devotees visiting Somnath Temple. Looking for refreshment than visit Diu and enjoy the beautiful beaches there.

So, Now pack your bags and Visit Junagadh.

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